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Twelve-year-old AP is crazy about science but Kate, his older sister, has no time for him or his geeky experiments. All that changes when a curious abacus transports them back to Arthurian England. There, AP uses his knowledge to help them out of trouble. On a second adventure, they join the Sioux in Montana and witness Custer's defeat at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Then, in ancient Egypt, AP uses science again, allowing Kate–mistaken for a priestess–to perform "magic" that amazes even the Pharaoh. Stalking them on every trip is a hooded stranger whose attacks show he'll stop at nothing to snatch the abacus. 

In-depth historical research helps set the scenes so well that readers will feel like they too have traveled back through time. And the science AP uses to help the two escape their time travel troubles is explained in easy-to-repeat experiments included at the end. 

Abacus is a middle-grade novel that whisks readers along with AP, the 12-year-old protagonist and science geek, who travels through time with Kate, his oh-so-bored 15-year-old sister. Their journeys to Arthurian England, the Wild West, and Ancient Egypt get them into some very tight spots, but AP uses his broad knowledge of science to help them escape. And stalking them on every trip is a hooded stranger whose attacks show he'll do anything to stop them. Besides being a fast-paced and engaging novel, the story has some additional features including: • easy to follow instructions at the back of the book for repeating AP's experiments • separate supplemental reading lists for kids, parents and educators • extra notes that delve deeper into the historical times and settings.

Young Adult
January 1
Bitingduck Press
Bitingduck Press LLC

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