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How do we stop the old and ancient, self-limiting, racial thinking of one another?

Just think that we are all extraterrestrials. We came from the galaxies of stars. Even the Indigo children know this truth. It is the time of disclosures. Humanity had been enslaved. It is time to regain our divinity back and our power back. We do not need to be saved and do not need to worship any gods. We are all pieces of a prime creator source. Therefore, we are all gods and goddesses. We have the power, and we will evolve. We are all immortals. If you know that you will be a rock or a Buddhist or a paraplegic and when you come back to reincarnate, you will understand one another. This book will also give you the knowledge of breaking your soul contract. Breaking your soul contract and healing your energy field is a healing modality that came from our fellow Arcturian family. According to the Arcturians, this healing strategy is the most powerful healing modality given to humans at this time. It will be discussed here in this book as well.

Why do we keep on hurting one another by calling one another names? Why do we judge a person by the color of their skin? We are one human race. We came from the HU. The HU is the ancient name of God. We came from the outer interstellar space. We did not originate on this earth. Therefore, we HUmans are all extraterrestrials. And our fellow extraterrestrials are coming out in the open soon to introduce themselves. They are already here—actually, ever since our Mama Gaia or Mother Earth existed. Forget the wrong indoctrinations we learned from schools. And what I taught, as a teacher, then, was wrong too. It is because I was not awakened yet then. I began my awakening this October of the year 2017.

This book attempts to solve, give solutions, or suggest ideas that will make us realize that all people on this planet earth is of one race. And that is the whole HUman race. From the HU, god race. We are all extraterrestrials! This is disclosure in the first degree. We, HUmans, need to wake up. We are not alone. The ETs or extraterrestrials, as we know it in movies, are real. And they are going to reveal themselves very soon, even maybe before or after this book is published. They all come from other stars in the intergalactic outer space, just as we do. Believe it or not.

There is no need to brand someone as the brown race, black race, white race, yellow race, and so on and so forth. HUmans are not limited by their skins’ pigments, nothing to be brushed off. Just keep an open mind. Our prime creator is of 221 energy frequency, and when that huge energy blew up, it took many forms, according to Dolores Cannon.

It is time to awaken to the reality that the prime creator of all made us all one. The divine father and divine mother gods had made the human beings’ race to be the same persons. We all have the same lives to live, the same air to breathe, one planet earth to live on, one body to live. We are going to even ascend to the stars where we came from. We better believe this.

There is a saying that “a house divided on its own cannot stand.” How true and fitting this is for humanity. If we have to survive as a human specie who are all magnificent, we better change our consciousness or thinking. We, as wonderful human beings, all belong to the great human race. We all are extraterrestrials. This is disclosure written by a Pleiadian from a previous life existence.

This book will make you realize how important it is to stop the limiting and discriminating descriptions we have described one another. We all need to learn. Reject what is bad and take what is only good. Leave the limiting and ancient profiling of one another behind, never to come back. Welcome the new consciousness in—our higher selves. We are all powerful extraterrestrials.

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October 18
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