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Abandoned on Everest written by tabloid reporter, Quentin Stern, is the prequel to Murder on Everest. Stern reveals the inside story of the Mt. Everest expedition including sexual misdeeds, sabotage and media manipulation, all of which leads to Derek Sodoc's tragic death.

When Derek Sodoc, only son of the world's richest and most powerful man dies attempting to climb Mt. Everest, questions are raised. Was it the mountain? Or perhaps something more sinister.

After reading the book Abandoned on Everest that details Derek Sodoc's untimely death, Sodoc's father convinces the surviving expedition members to return to Everest - presumably to recover Derek's body. With billions at stake and a relentless father searching for someone to blame, everyone is a suspect.

Set against the backdrop of the world's highest and deadliest mountain, Murder on Everest is filled with intrigue, sex, betrayal, murder and mystery. It is unlike any murder mystery you've ever read.

The Summit Murder Series is a unique set of mystery novels. Join authors Charles G. Irion and Ronald J. Watkins for this extraordinary journey of exciting exploits and murder atop each of the seven major continental summits, beginning with Murder on Everest.

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November 16
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Customer Reviews

JenHow77 ,

A fun look into the mind of Quentin Stern

Abandoned on Everest is the prequel to Murder on Everest. In Murder on Everest, Quentin Stern is along for the climb to get more dirt on his companions to follow up his expose Abandoned on Everest. When Derek Sodoc dies on Mount Everest, Quentin Stern writes a book that he says is the "tell all true story" and contains what "really happened" on the mountain. He claims that he has sources that revealed the true story. As you can imagine, his climbing companions are less than thrilled with him in Murder on Everest due to this novel! I would definitely suggest reading Murder on Everest before Abandoned on Everest because it is great to have an inside look into the mind of Quentin Stern after you've gotten to know his character in Murder on Everest!

I starting this book knowing that it is supposed to resemble a trashy tabloid-like read that tells Quentin's theory of what he thinks happened, which made it enjoyable. I love that the authors not only published this book that they refer to in Murder on Everest, but that they also gave Quentin writing credit!

I'm leaving this review after I've read the whole series, and I have to tell you that you don't want to miss the final book in the series Murder on Kilimanjaro! You won't believe what happens with Quentin Stern!

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