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Walk into any casino, and there is one section where the action is fast and furious. Players are whooping it up, and it sounds like one big party. You approach the area, and, squeezing through the crowd, you discover a long green felted table with a myriad of complex, confusing symbols. You hear voices, but while you can recognize the words, it seems they are in language you’ve never heard before – at least, you have no idea what they mean: “Eighter from Decatur,” “Six and one and you’re all done,” “It’s Little Joe,” and “Seven's a bruiser, the front line's a loser.”

Does baby need a new pair of shoes? Of course, because you’re at a Craps Table, the most fun you can have in a casino.

So many people pass this game by because of the perceived complexity and the unusual jargon, but Craps is really a very simple game to learn, and better yet – you can actually make some decent money by playing smart. And that’s what this book is all about.

Yes, Craps is a game of chance, but the edge the casino has on many of the bets you’ll want to make are very small. A hot streak or two, and you can make some serious “spondulicks” Y’know, “Benjamins…Moolah.” Money.

The ABC’s of Craps is designed for the beginning gambler who wants to learn how to play this classic casino game, and play it well.

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December 8
Mike Exinger
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

JeffreyNewman72 ,

THIS is what I've needed!

Mr. Exinger's writing style and sense of humor is exactly what I need to absorb this kind of material. The last thing I need is something so overly instructional that it reads more like an operations manual. Craps, specifically, has been a black hole for me. Definitely the kind of game I was too embarrassed to play because I simply knew nothing about it. I bought this as a Christmas present to myself and am well on my way to using it at my local casino.

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