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Abducted by Aliens is everything you’d expect from the title - but the book is more than that.  It’s also a novel of betrayal of our species.

An alien ship comes to Earth, not to abduct, but to harvest their creations.  The Earth was terraformed and seeded by alien’s millenniums ago and now five Earthling’s will be examined and tested for their purpose in life by the different species on the ship.  The fate of all the men and women are Earth are in the hands of the five

Earthlings and how they perform on the tests.

Beth and Joshua have been dating for two months, but they never expected their first lovemaking in the outdoors would be interrupted by a bright light that transported them to an alien spacecraft. Joshua, fearing the strange aliens, betrays Beth for his own safety - or he thinks that will be the result.  Can Beth endure what the aliens require of her and get her revenge on Joshua?  Can Joshua escape the alien’s sexual designs on the Earthlings, or being the only male Earthling will he find his position is worse than that of the females?

Amanda and Megan are friends that go out clubbing together, but they’re different.  One night on the way home they are abducted, but its aliens that abduct them.  Megan sees the way the strange lustful way the aliens look at her and Amanda so she makes a bargain to give Amanda to them to escape what seems the inevitable.  Armanda is less daring with men then Megan, but with the strange machines that one alien species has, finds that daring is nothing compared to what the aliens have in store for her.  Megan assists the aliens with Amanda's submission.  Can Megan trust the aliens to spare her or will she find herself in worse straights then Amanda?

Taylor is tested by the aliens in her sleep and they find a fatal flaw in her character.  She is abducted and the aliens test her as tentacles have their way with her body.  Will Taylor survive or will she fall prey to the alien’s mistreatment?

Will the aliens find that Earthlings greatest contribution is entertainment for the many species that desire the female and male bodies for pleasure?  Is that to be Earth men and women’s greatest accomplishment?

Powerone brings you everything you desire in an alien abduction novel. From bondage and submission, to the necessary alien probing in any alien abduction story.  Powerone’s imagination is unlimited as he takes you down the long road of species betrayal and submission to alien races far superior to our own.

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July 7
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