Abducted by the Alpha Abducted by the Alpha

Abducted by the Alpha

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Gray Kincaid, one of the most dangerous wolf-shifters in the world, is finally home. After years spent in the wilds of British Columbia with his four brothers, Gray is looking forward to reclaiming his life as a human. But during his absence, someone has been dipping their hands into his wealth. No, not dipping. Someone’s been outright stealing from him, Gray Kincaid! The sheer audacity has him on a hunt that leads to a small female who, not surprisingly, works for his company. Regardless of how innocent she looks, or claims to be, Gray will have his money back, or he’ll keep the woman in return.

Finally, taking a long-awaited vacation, Sien McMichaels is terrified when she’s abducted by the driver sent to take her to the airport. After a failed escape attempt, she’s dragged to a massive manor and kept in a dungeon, a prisoner of the driver who claims to be Gray Kincaid. The Gray Kincaid of Kincaid Enterprises, the owner of the company where she works. He’s got the wrong woman though because Sien is a simple girl with a simple life. She wouldn’t dream of taking anything that isn’t hers and doesn’t understand when all the signs of theft point to her. She’s determined to prove her innocence to her infuriating captor even though Gray is equally committed to punishing her for crimes she didn’t commit.

*This is book 7 in the Territory series; however, each book focuses on a different couple and can be read as a standalone.


“Sorry to bother you, Ma’am.” The driver’s gruff voice intruded on Sien’s thoughts. “But you wouldn’t happen to have a cell phone I could borrow? I need to call my employer regarding my next pick-up, and I seem to have left my phone at the office. I wouldn’t ask, but it’s imperative that we’re en route, and I don’t have time to make a stop just to call.”

“Oh! Sure.” Sien rummaged around in her purse until she found her little black phone. Sliding across the slick, black leather seat until she was close enough to hand the driver her phone, Sien held it up near his shoulder. “Here ya go.”

With a clipped, “Thank you,” he took the phone.

“Not a problem.” She slid back to her original position to give the driver a little privacy. It wasn’t far enough because the driver erected the tinted privacy glass that separated him from his passenger.

“O-kay,” she whispered, slightly insulted.

Trying to ignore the rude driver, she watched the beautiful scenery out her window. A hardcore type ‘A’ personality, Sien mentally sorted through her suitcase to ensure she hadn’t forgotten anything. It was a good distraction that she knew would help pass the time more quickly.

Toothbrush, hairbrush, hairspray, shampoo, conditioner.

Her cataloging was cut short when she saw the off-ramp to the Dulles International Airport go whizzing past. Head whipping around to look behind them, she frowned at the fading off-ramp. “Um, excuse me, driver? I think you missed our turn.”

When the driver didn’t respond, Sien slid back around to the privacy glass and gently knocked, “Sir! We missed our turn.”

Her temper began to flare when the driver continued to ignore her. Knocking harder on the glass, Sien raised her voice, “I’m sorry to interrupt your call, but we’ve missed our turn. I’m going to Dulles airport!”

When there was still no response, she shouted, “Hello! Can you hear me?”

She waited several heartbeats for a response. When none was forthcoming, her anger turned into panic as she checked her watch.

She’d scheduled everything perfectly so that she’d get to the airport with just enough time to board. Tanner was going to meet her there, and they’d depart directly.

Frustrated, Sien began pounding on the glass with her palm, “Excuse me! Driver! You missed the turn, and I’m going to be late for my flight!” She knew he had to hear her pounding, but when he still didn’t respond, her worry at being late turned into something else.

May 27
Susan A Bliler
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

HarleyTaylor ,

So worth it

I literally couldn’t put it down, this is a very well written shifter book .. there has to be a sequel!!!

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