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Abigail misses her father, who is a soldier deployed far, far away from their ranch in Texas. For her fourth birthday, her grandmothers create a green dinosaur costume that snaps to her rumpus. Although Abigail's own ears don't hear as well as other children's, she quickly discovers that only she can hear the dinosaur's magical voice.

Snapped together, the two begin a year-long exploration of the ranch where their adventures include bottle feeding a baby calf, learning the proper way to call elk, and finding a suitable tail for a tailless monkey. Singing "Jesus Loves Me This I Know," gives the two friends courage while meeting a room full of wild animals. Explaining to Rumpus that God is always with us, even though He is invisible, helps Abigail remain brave until her father's safe return from Iraq.

About the Author

Patricia Rodgers was born in central Texas and grew up in a family of storytellers. Remembering how special she felt as a child hearing her own name woven into an adventure story, Patricia began writing a story for each of her grandchildren, helping them to create memories of their own.

She and her husband, Eddie, live on a ranch deep in the heart of Texas. The ranch is the perfect backdrop for adventure and mystery stories. Instead of television, movies, or video games at night, the grandchildren bunk in the Big Room and delight in telling stories of their own creation, until one-by-one they fall into contented sleep.

Patricia believes the most important part of growing up is learning to accept that God is always beside you. Believing in this invisible protection is especially important for the children of military families such as Abigail's. Abigail and her little brother and sister, Thomas and Amelia, tell others about the security of God's love by the lines written into plays and stories they present for audiences gathered at the ranch.

Listening to her grandchildren, the author is confident that the art of storytelling, and a firm trust in God, has been successfully passed on to the youngest generation.

Young Adult
July 2
Wheatmark, Inc.

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