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About Whoever: the Social Imprint on Identity and Orientation, by Karen Sinclair,is insightful, compelling analysis that puts contemporary sexuality on the social analyst’s couch. Experiences of real people, influences of history, culture, crucial developments in American Equal Rights, “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”, domestic partnerships and other topics provide fascinating discussion. Gay, Straight, right-wing, left, or whoever we are, About Whoever is about us.

In a multi-layered analysis, Karen Sinclair applies wide-ranging theories in the Social and Behavioral Sciences and discusses empirical cases published in biographical and documentary works to unravel secrets of our sexuality. In its final synthesis, the book deduces seven indexes representing a wide spectrum of contemporary sexual identities and sexual orientations. It also illustrates the human sexual mosaic of some fifty elements that fuse together to define gender, sexual identity and orientation today. Novel concepts that advance general understanding include sexual intellect, gender compulsion and the social impact of homosocializing.

The book does not claim that identity and orientation arise entirely from imprints of society. It uncovers a masquerade of educational, religious, technological, institutional and other markers. Those promise some kernel of understanding that may unite liberal and conservative perspectives about sexuality. About Whoever, by Karen Sinclair, contains a preface, footnotes, summary, conclusions, illustrations, tables, index and bibliography. EBook edition 50,000+ words, expected January 31, 2013; Hardcopy, expected March 2013.

Writer and Speaker Karen Sinclair earned a Master of Science degree in Business Systems Analysis and Design from The City University in London, England, a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree from the University of Guyana and a Certificate in Lay Ministry from the United Methodist Church in America. A member of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars, Karen lives in New Jersey, USA, with her family.

January 30
Karen Sinclair
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