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Two households, unlike in dignity, in the City of Angels is where we lay our scene...

London Sinclair was the boy my mother warned me about for as long as I can remember. His name alone has brought my family nothing but shame and suffering, so it’s no surprise we’ve been sworn enemies since the first moment we met.

With his bedroom eyes and cocky smile, he has all the girls under his spell. I have one more year of school left, and then I’m home free because I’m guarding a secret, one I’m ashamed to keep.

The boy who is completely off-limits is the one who drives me, Holland Brooks, wild. I want London, and I think…he wants me, too.

Some may compare it to a Shakespearian tragedy, as our surnames have fated our future, but when a single night changes my life forever, I can’t leave the City of Angels fast enough.

Ten years later, I have atoned for my sins and return to Los Angeles a changed woman. I’ve come home to get married. But the moment London walks back into my life, one thing is clear. Ten years can’t undo that night—that single, sinful night when I gave into temptation—because I want to do it again.

May 14
Monica James
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@LisaHines711 ,

Review: Absinthe of the Heart

Absinthe of the Heart by Monica James is the first book in her latest series, Sins of the Heart . An enemies to lovers story for the ages - this book was powerful and angst-filled and unputdownable! London & Holland's story blew me away! Told mostly from Holland's POV and spanning from the high school days of high school to forward ten years into the consequences of a lifelong rivalry between their families and secrets that have caused so much damage in their lives.

This is my first book by Monica James and it will NOT be my last - I was absolutely floored with the story and the next book needs to be here, STAT! Enjoy!

SueNist ,

Absinthe of the Heart

I LOVED this book! Could not put it down and did not want it to end...especially like that!! I pray there’s a sequel!!

Sandra Two Book Pushers ,

A book I will never forget!

Absinthe of the Heart is the first book in the Sins of the Heart series (or duet?) I am not sure...yet. Either way, Monica James has once again given us an epic story that I will never forget. If you follow my reviews then you might know that I don’t read many blurbs before I dive in. If I love the author’s work then I like to go in head first. Once again. I did that with this book and I loved that I did. I don’t want to spoil anything so I will try to make this short.

London and Holland were born to hate each other. They knew it the day they met in kindergarten. It was just how it was going to be. Their story started before they were even born. Over the years, London has been nothing but an a-. An a- with a arrogant smirk that she both hated and loved. Along with her parents, he made her who she was. A strong, determined woman who would never back down. He called her a princess but she wasn’t a damsel in distress. She was a bada- who loved to take him down a peg or two while also lusting for him. She hated how much she cared. She hated how he made her feel. Confused. Hot. Special. Used.

Ten years later and he still made her feel that way. Only now, they were grown up. She was home to get married. To move on. Only The City of Angels had other plans for her first. She is back where it all started and now it was time for answers. Answers to questions she didn’t even realize she had. Answers to past ones. Answers she needed to move on completely. Will they ruin her or give her clarity?

I absolutely loved this book! I was addicted from the very start until the very last word. I felt for all the characters in the story. More than others of course. London and Holland’s story is complex, beautiful, heartbreaking, sinful, fun, and everything in between. It gave me all the feels. I wanted to scream, cry, swoon, and laugh.

Overall...It’s a book I will never forget! The writing is phenomenal. The story is engaging. The characters are beautifully flawed. I really loved it all even when I wanted to slap someone.

P.S That ending...


“This is only the beginning.”
Unable to stop myself, I stand on tippy-toes and deadpan him. “Bring it.”

“You’re the cause of my chaos, but when I’m with you…nothing has felt more real.”

“Oh, and by the way…I don’t think I’m special…I know I am. I’m Holland Brooks-Ferris…and I’m f- fabulous.”

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