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Absolute Perfection

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Prince Taza is a seahorse, the sole male offspring of the Coushrin king, and heir to the throne. Sounds great, right? Not really. For one thing, two crazy female seahorses are vying to impregnate him and become the next queen of the Coushrin dynasty because seahorses mate for life. He doesn’t want to be just a breeder while his wife rules the seas. But if being the prey and intended brood-stallion of two insane females isn’t bad enough, Taza’s also being chased by a human who’s determined to attain immortality by eating him. Stir fried, easy on the garlic.

What does he do? Flee to a vampire bar on the surface world, where he meets Astika, a Hindu Naga god. Astika’s been dispatched on a fool’s errand, because his advice to his uncle and grandfather’s harems is causing mayhem in the kingdom. He wasn’t supposed to meet a seahorse prince, save his life, and end up mated in the process. But when Astika saves Prince Taza from the human who might just be crazier than the two seahorses chasing him, Taza does the only smart thing and pledges himself to the Naga. For life. Since they’re stuck with each other, Astika might as well see what it’s like with a seahorse. Together, out of the wildest circumstances imaginable, these two lovers create Absolute Perfection.

March 10
Changeling Press LLC
Changeling Press LLC

Customer Reviews

Alejandra_Reads ♥️ ,

Will make you love seahorses even more!

This is the first book I’ve read by new-to-me author Stephanie Burke, and I’m liking it. This is a short read and one any monster smut reader does not want to miss! It’s sweet, it’s unique, and the steam had my glasses fogging up! I never knew I’d be a big fan of seahorse x naga romance, but here we are!

Spice level (1-5): 🌶️🌶️🌶️
Kink level (1-3): ⛓️⛓️ MM, joint master-bay-shun, double 🐓, monster smut, etc

When Astika reluctantly saves Prince Taza from a human trying to fry and eat him, Astika wins himself a clingy mate. With no gag reflex. The last thing Astika wants is a mate, especially a male. When Astika learns that male seahorses can carry babies, he might have use for his new mate after all.

I would recommend Absolute Perfection to everyone! I’m biased. I love seahorses. But seriously, this book took my love for seahorses to new levels! If you like seahorses, nagas, interspecies love, overbearing parents, mates, MM, and some new bedroom moves, you’ll love Absolute Perfection. This is a male seahorse shifter x male naga shifter romance. It’s steamy. If that bothers you, this book is not for you. To all the monster smut readers this one is definitely for you!

Warning: Reading Absolute Perfection may make you want to have your very own sea foam. May make you want to save someone’s life in hopes you’ll get a mate out of it. May make you curious about Naga anatomy. May make you want to tell someone “Hello seed sac.” May make you protective of your mate. May make you think about making babies. May make you want to hunt for mermaids. Read responsibly.

*I received an Advance Reader Copy for free via Booksprout and I am leaving an honest review of my own volition. All thoughts are my own.*

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