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For Jake Wrigley, the future is bleak. Some people are survivors, but he’s getting by on his bad-boy looks and charming smile. He owns a gym, gets into bar fights, and wrestles his demons with rough workouts—both in and out of the bedroom.

For Alyson Road, the future is bright. Life can only improve from where she grew up. She graduated at the top of her law class, cares for her ailing mom, and in her job, she defends those who can’t afford anyone else. Her work is thankless but honest.

Jake’s twin brother has been covering his ass for as long as they’ve been alive, but that all changes when Jake finds himself in front of the fiery public defender, his future in her hands. For the first time ever, he doesn’t want to involve his brother, finally realizing he needs to stand alone, be his own man.

Even if Jake’s never absolved of his past wrongdoings or his heart is never scrubbed of the blackness that resides there, he can do one good deed—protect the beautiful lawyer who touched his soul—until helping her nearly becomes his own undoing.

September 28
Rachel Blaufeld
J Goldman Grp, LLC ,Rachel Blaufeld Pub

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Somersjjs ,

Absolution Road by Rachel Blaufeld

Jake and Alyson, two people, one survives by fighting his demons every day, the other surviving by working a thankless job and caring for her mother. They met when Jake was arrested for assault and Alyson was called in as PD.

Jake has lived with his demons since his parents died when he was nine years old and his twin and he went to live with their grandparents. Jake as an adult is the owner of Fizzle gyms and controls his inner demon by workouts and sex with no commitments.
Alyson was raised by her mother after her father was killed in a car accident. She grew up with her mother working as a housekeeper for the upper class. Alyson kept to herself and studied to be a lawyer then upon graduating joined the PD office. She still lives in the same crappy apartment that she lived in during college. She keeps to herself and sees to her mother who now has dementia and lives in a care home.
Their attraction so strong it can’t be ignored draws them together to an ending that will make you cry and then smile through the tears.
This story was written so well I don’t believe that anyone else could have written it better.

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