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This is a somewhat unusual book; both in content and presentation, and it reflects a teaching philosophy of total interactive media immersion. The Enlighten Project edition of the Accurate Color Series presents personal communications on a fresh, new interactive level. If you want to really know how digital photography works- this book is for you. 

Accurate Color explains how light works, how color is produced, how digital cameras capture light and color, how color must mutate from camera to monitor display to printer and/or presentation. You will learn how to control the process from start to finish. And you'll do so because you finally understand how it all works. 

The Accurate Color Audio Video Text Book: This edition includes the Accurate Color Textbook and Audiobook plus narrated and animated videos of all materials (approximately 1.5 hours of animated visuals and illustrations) into an integrated, comprehensive learning system. 

The Accurate Color Series is photo-related color science for mere-mortals and is available in three editions, providing personal involvement on three overlapping levels: interactive text, interactive text and audio, and interactive text, audio, and video. This way you can get as involved as you wish. All three editions include chapter reviews, an embedded glossary, interactive graphics, quizzes, dynamic diagrams, hot links to more resources, and more.

While all three editions cover the same materials, the Audio Text Book and the Audio Video Text Book are simply more engaging, and thus make the concepts easier to grasp.  

Don’t expect a talking-head scientific lecture on the physics of color. This work is more in the Mr. Wizard style than that of Stephen Hawking or Michio Kaku. They’re in a whole other league. This series puts the cookies on the lower shelf for everybody to enjoy.

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January 24
ImagePrep Communications
ImagePrep Consulting LLC
Grades 8 and Above

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