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<p>Acquired Desires is the first short story collection from erotica author Kellen Prime. Included are six sultry tales of historical, paranormal and interracial erotica, featuring three M/F stories and three containing multiple partners. Kellen Prime brings the reader to a variety of exotic locations, including India, Bangkok, and a remote frozen bunker. Follow Cadence as she gets seduced away from her job reporting on a scandal; discover the hidden talents of Beth and Jet as they take a break during her ballet show; and learn the details of the Kama Sutra along with Sven as he is stranded on a research bunker. Acquired Desires will have you uncovering sexy truths about your hidden desires with every page you read.

Tabitha's Truth
Tabitha had been forced early in life to be her father&rsquo;s son. After her mother was killed by a bear, it was just the two of them. If Tabitha was going to avoid foreign tribes, she would need to make herself desirable enough to be taken as a wife, or at least a concubine to her king or one of his sons.

Cadence In Mumbai
Cadence is excited about her assignment in India, where she is covering her first big story. Unfortunately for Cadence, youth and na&iuml;vet&eacute; are her biggest weaknesses, easily exploited by the suave cricketer whose assignment is to distract the nosey journalist from her fact-finding mission.

Carmanita's Courage
Carmanita is captured along with several other women by a nomadic warrior tribe. Carmanita knows that their superstitions are in their heads and not in the parts of them that stir every man, and she uses her bewitching sensuality to stir up a row in the camp that sees the very same soldiers turn on each other in a battle for exclusive rights to the gypsy.

The Bang Club
Eight strangers caught up in the sweltering heat of chaotic Bangkok decide to take a breather from their explorations and explore. A group of backpackers stumble upon each other in the chaos, and needing the familiarity of English, they get together for drinks and some dinner. Of course, eight young people in the prime of both sexual and other appetites, it doesn&rsquo;t take much suggestion to get them all playing a rather physical game.

Bite Me Once
Beth is a ballerina and is as petite and innocent looking as they come. Jet is assigned to photograph the latest show for the Ballet Company and quickly notices Beth. Both knew what they wanted; they just needed to figure out when. They both soon find out that they both have secret talents.

The Viking And The Honeybee
After three days in the storm by herself, and help another five days away, Priya thought she was imagining the bang on the metal walls of the research bunker she had been manning solo for almost four months now. Sven, an extreme adventure sportsman, is not a Viking of course, but since he fits every description she&rsquo;s ever read and every image she&rsquo;s ever seen, she decides that this is what he&rsquo;ll be in her head. After the pleasantries are out of the way and the man has his fourth cup of cocoa in him, they soon start to find ways to occupy themselves for the next few days as they wait to be rescued.</p>

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April 21

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