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Paranormal Security and Intelligence an Immortal Ops World Novel

Paranormal Shifter Military Special Ops Romance. 

Captain Garth Ingersson is in charge of Paranormal Security and Intelligence Agency Special Ops Team Eight. Its a position he didn't originally want, but one he has grown to accept. The men who look to him to lead are like brothers to him. Especially since he and his twin brother had a falling out years ago. Much has changed for this ancient Viking over the centuries, but one thing remains the same--never thinking he has a true mate. This six-and-half-foot-tall Scandinavian is about to have his world turned upside down.

June 29
Raven Happy Hour LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Misspeabody05 ,

Act of the Brotherhood

I give this book five star. This book is awesome. I have laugh so much . I couldn’t put the book. Keep them coming. I like Stricker.

R. Manor ,

Act of Brotherhood - Psi Ops Book 6

Mandy Roth - Act of Brotherhood: Paranormal Security and Intelligence an Immortal Ops Book 6

Finally Garth’s Turn

Garth, a Viking Wolf Shifter, an intense alpha PSI ops has often been featured in previous PSI Ops books. An enjoyable character, he brings an element of humor and tough dedicated team member to the storylines. He is also a sexy Wolf Shifter male not looking to settle down with a mate as many of his teammates have, besides he believes he’s not destined to find a mate.
The book starts with a look back into a PsiOps rescue which will break readers hearts, but also has great significance for Garth in the future.
This is a good sized book that lets readers really get lost in this detailed paranormal/urban fantasy world Mandy Roth has created and continues to expand upon (thank goodness for the descriptions of all the characters in the Immortal Ops Helper in the beginning of the book).
Many well liked characters from the series and spinoff storylines make have significant roles in this book as well as bringing lots of fun banter and humor.
The heroine , Nicolette, is introduced during the flashbacks and is reintroduced years later as a dynamic beautiful woman who has no idea of her early years or what she and her friends actually are. In fact she has no idea shifters, Vampires, Fey, etc actually exist.
Years later Garth and Nicolette bump into each other (literally) on the street and they end up spending two glorious days together before things get crazy, evil twin brothers appear and the rollercoaster action begins. Throw in romance , sexy seductive scenes, awesome secondary storylines and characters and you have another awesome book in the series.

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