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Captain Corbin Jones heads his own Paranormal Security and Intelligence Agency Special Ops team. He's used to being in command. Used to having to make the tough calls. As a lionshifter, he's no stranger to fighting his primal instincts. He's had them well in hand for most of his immortally long life—that is, until he catches a scent that sets his body on fire.

The scent of his mate.

Mae wasn't looking for love and certainly didn't want to go on a blind date. When she's stood up and grabbed instead by madmen who want to use her to breed other supernaturals, she's not sure who to trust. Not even when the very same man she's been fantasizing about is deposited next to her. Fate—and her own supernatural hormones—won't be denied, and she finds she can't control the desire burning through her. The only problem is, her fantasy man, the very man who came to rescue her, is now a prisoner too.

February 29
The Raven Books Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Misspeabody05 ,

Act of Command

5 stars the story is on point . During the different stages of this scenarios had me laughing till tears running down my face . I am really enjoying this series . My question is will crazy Striker finds his mate. Excellent reading and great humor.

R. Manor ,

Act of Command book 4

Act of Command is book number 4 in the Immortal Ops Psy-Ops/Shifter series by Mandy Roth. Although the books can be read out of order there are a lot of characters and plots that get build and develop as the books progress so reading in order really is the best way to enjoy and experience this series.

Captain Corbin Jones in the hunky blond British Commander of a specialized team of shifter soldiers, he being a lion shifter. Their main focus is policing the supernatural world where many paranormal / supernatural evil forces threaten not only their kind but humans as well. Currently they are dealing with an evil corporation trying to genetically alter and breed super naturals that they have kidnapped and enslaved. The "Corporation" which is behind all this has proved a tricky and difficult case to crack, and although they are making headway more hidden locations keep popping up.
Corbin is known to be a commander who insists on control and order in his life and for his team. He is a truly effective and respected leader that has earned the loyalty of his strong powerful shifter team, and has the patience to deal with their individual quirks and crazy humor. The person Corbin has least control over is his matchmaking mom who is determined once again to find him his mate. She has set him up on a blind date with her friends daughter, Mae.
Mae is a 5th yr. college senior, an art major with some special talents and powers. Not sure of all her evolving supernatural DNA Mae is just starting to discover her growing powers, one of them being the dangerous effect her singing often has on men.

In true Psi/Ops drama and excitement both Mae and Corbin end up captured and threatened by the Corporation. The fast paced exciting action to rescue them has you turning pages well into the night. New characters are introduced (hope to see their stories in future books) as well as another group of agents called the Shadow Ops.
Love how the very entertaining, often mischievous ,other members of the group are written into the book and and are integral parts of the story. We also get to catch up with their characters their growing number of mates, and their storylines.
This is a great addition to the series, loved the main characters as well as getting to have fun with the rest of the group. Funny to watch Corbin at a total loss when he finds himself in an uncontrollable situation?
The author continues to build this fantastic world the with its numerous branches and colorful sexy paranormal characters. Act of Command continues with the excitement, action, suspense, and smexy romance the series and author are know for. Read the book in one sitting!

DonnaHok ,

Awesome story with lots of action and adventure.

Captain Corbin Jones heads his own PSI Ops team and is always in control, that is until he scents his mate while heading to a blind date. He has no Idea that the woman he scented and seen is his blind date that he has to stand up because duty calls. But canceling that date just might be the biggest mistake he has ever made. While waiting for her blind date, Mae Bertelot gets captured by a madman wanting to breed supernatural’s. But fate is fickle and won’t be denied, but at what cost? Great story that may be part of a series and yet is still a self-contained story. Well written with lots of action and adventure along with a love story that’s very entertaining to read. I highly recommend this book.

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