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A box set containing the first three thrillers featuring troubled PI Adam Park, the popular series that thrusts a detective from the sleazy corporate world into a hard boiled existence where he must access the darkest corners of his soul to survive.

The Dead and the Missing

A brutal international underworld. A lost girl. A PI who will burn it all.

Adam Park is an ex-private investigator, now too wealthy to need a job. But when his old mentor's niece rips off a local criminal and flees the UK, Adam tracks the young woman and her violent, manipulative boyfriend through the Parisian underground. Here, and onward in Asia, he learns of a brutal criminal enterprise for whom people are just a business commodity.

To return the girl safely and protect the ones he loves, Adam will need to burn down his concepts of right and wrong, at any cost to his soul.

A Desperate Paradise

With a damaging, violent case behind him, Adam Park is happy tending to his late mother's canal barge and catching up on his reading. Unfortunately, he owes favors, and when the parents of an aid worker is murdered on the Greek island of Paramatra believe the investigation is deeply flawed, one such favor is called in.

With the island struggling to cope with an influx of refugees, Adam must battle corruption and ruthless smuggling gangs, all amid people so desperate they will do anything to reach the paradise of the west. If he cannot stay the course and dig out the truth, a murderer will go free, and Adam will fall prey to the same evil.

The Shadows of Empty Men

When Adam Park is retained to confirm the accuracy of a young heiress's family tree, it sounds like the simple case he needs to break the monotony of life on an Aegean island. But it soon becomes clear that others wish to stake a claim to the girl's fortune, and something as inconvenient as a private investigator will not stand in their way.

Delving into a decades-old secret that people will murder to protect, Adam must fight smart and fight hard—against a seemingly supernatural mercenary, against people of unfathomable greed, and against his own darkening nature.

A. D. Davies is also the author of the Detective Sergeant Alicia Friend novels, plus a number of stand-alone books.

Mysteries & Thrillers
March 27
A. D. Davies
Draft2Digital, LLC

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