ADHD Time Management

Learning to Master Time for Greater Accomplishment, Consistency, and Follow-through

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A Comprehensive, Road-tested Time Management Guide for Adult ADHD / ADD

Do you feel overwhelmed by keeping with a time management system? Is it difficult for you to stay consistent with scheduling and keeping appointments? Are you frustrated with your ability to follow-through on your short and long-term goals?

In this guide, you'll uncover the key reasons why most time management systems can be difficult for people with ADHD, and receive essential guidance on how to construct simple, yet effective tools to make your relationship with time more easeful and empowering.

You'll discover:

A simple 5-step morning planning routine that reduces overwhelm and 
maximizes productivity

Tips, tools, and strategies for building an ADHD-friendly time management system

The 3 key building blocks for daily planning and scheduling

Digital and paper-based time management strategies

How to address the emotional components of keeping with a time management system, and tools to circumvent overwhelm and frustration

How to work with goals, milestones, and breaking up larger tasks 
into smaller, more manageable action items

Ways of creating a more "balanced" weekly schedule

Effective note-taking strategies for both work and personal items, capturing new ideas and key points to follow-up on

Michael Joseph Ferguson, life coach and co-host of the popular ADHD podcast, "Adult ADHD / ADD Tips and Support," walks you, step-by-step, through creating the essential building blocks of a sustainable ADHD time management system.

Based on the time management chapter of his more comprehensive book, The Drummer and the Great Mountain - a Guidebook to Transforming Adult ADD / ADHD, Michael has taught and fine-tuned this material over the past decade in numerous workshops and one-on-one life coaching sessions. ADHD Time Management will provide you with the elements you need to construct a roadmap to a more balanced, fulfilling relationship with time.

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April 22
Michael Ferguson

Customer Reviews

W-I-L-T ,

Thank you

Good content and informative.

rcgottlieb ,

Free time management advice that works!

I have traditionally had problems with time management all throughout my life and never truly understood why I couldn’t get one of those systems! I tried GTD and others but nothing stuck! Michael has clear and concise ideas on how to help you create a system that works for you. This is not some philosophy you must follow to the letter. It’s quite the opposite! He gives you the overall ideas but you create a system that works for you! Read this you won’t be sorry!

18574810;85 ,

19 year old college student

Wonderful systems for time management and scheduling. Quick read as well.

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