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The past, present and future merge in this final installment of the LOVE in the USA series.

It looks like we made it.

Belmont and I were committed after one intense week four years ago. We fell for each other fast but reality set in even faster. I found him entitled and overbearing without giving me room to breathe and be myself. He found me cold and unaffected, a person who couldn’t express what she needed because all I wanted was to cherish the pain of my brother’s death.Then I gave birth to our first child, and we lost her. We spiraled deeper down the rabbit hole. But two people don’t come together the way we did for nothing. Belmont and I were meant to be. So with a little help from the ones we love, we worked like hell to hold on to the things that brought us together in the first place, and worked out the issues that were pulling us apart.

We have a son now and he is magnificent. Our love for each other has ripened into a sweet, lasting happily ever after.

Until one day Belmont went missing without a trace.

December 15
Z.L. Arkadie Books
Zuleika Arkadie

Customer Reviews

Bernice Brooks ,

So So Good

These stories make you feel, takes you on a journey, and last but certainly not least, brings you excitement exotic arousals that keeps you wanting more. I love it! Arkadie, you hit the spot in more ways than one! #ExcellentReads



Loved it!

Imabookaddict16 ,

In "Love" one last time

I received an ARC for an honest review. This is the final book of the Love in the USA series. I have enjoyed every book in this series. This book is no exception. Z.L. Arkadie has once again taken the "Love" characters on an unexpected journey. Although you could probably read his book as a standalone it is best as a series. I was quite shocked at how the series evolved. It's a challenge to write this review without any spoilers. So, sorry if I spoil it for anyone. This series started in book one as a Daisy and Belmont's sweet love began. Their first book their relationship at times was just too good to be true to their last book which almost seemed unreal. Along the way all of the characters have made "real-life" mistakes. The real-life comment is for some of the situations and challenges that the couples had to overcome were very much like those that many of us face in our daily lives. I loved the inner strength that Daisy has always shown. The seemingly unwavering love that Daisy and Belmont share is what we each dream to have. I enjoyed that we got an update on all the past characters from the "Love" series. Thankfully, This was a perfect ending to a well written series. Thank you for this series I did truly enjoy the escape.

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