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Welcome to Halcyon. The following guide for The Outer Worlds is a complete set of information about the latest production from Obsidian Entertainment. You will find basic information that will help you complete the game.

The guide begins with starting tips and a detailed description of all fundamental game mechanics. In this part of our guide to The Outer Worlds you will learn, among other things, how the character creation process looks like and know all the rules that govern character development. Also, there is a section dedicated to the companions you will recruit during your adventure. In this section of the guide you will find a description of most important mechanics used during the exploration of the in-game world, such as sneaking, combat, hacking and lockpicking.

The second part of the guide consists of an extensive FAQ section, which contains answers to the most important questions that may arise during the game. Here you will find advice on potential and typical problems which may occur during the gameplay, such as how to get ammo or obtain better weapons. With the help of this step-by-step guide you will learn about all mechanics related with equipment upgrades. In addition, we explain how the flaw system works, whether you can finish the game without killing anyone and how long it may take you to complete the title. If you're looking for a challenge, you can look at the How to Survive in Supernova Mode? section of our guide.

The next section of our guide to The Outer Worlds is a comprehensive walkthrough that will help you in completing all major story quests and side quests including the companion-related tasks. Also, we provide detailed maps of all locations available in the game.

The whole guide is concluded with an appendix, which contains chapters describing system requirements, controls and achievements (trophies) with guidelines on how to unlock them.

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October 11
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