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'A woman who could not forget her past, and a man who would not give up on their future -Tizzy McKenzie a shy but talented consultant in an advertising agency loved her work. She had a wonderful boss in Grant Mallaby and a great friend in Becky Whitman. And then one morning she gave him a lift and suddenly their sensible world was turned upside down.And that was before the 'cupids' stepped in.

December 11
Darcee Tana
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

CrisMay22 ,

Amazing in a way

I would say u should read this book it's I amazing but the part is is that there is some miss spelled words u just have to figure out what word would go there but this book I could not put it down no joke READ THIS BOOK!! 🤗😊

BuyFromEunice ,

Advertising Love

Could NOT put this book down!!!

Jo6484 ,

Grammar/spelling issues too annoying

I have to agree with those who criticized the grammar, spelling, & punctuation. I thought it might've been just a little bit of a problem here or there but it's constant. I'm surprised the author's word processing program's spell/grammar check didn't catch most of the errors (unless it was turned off). I was also annoyed by too much space between the paragraphs, which made for almost constant page turning on my iPhone.

As for the storyline, some thoughts seemed random and unconnected to the immediate previous dialogue and I found myself flipping back a page to see if I'd skipped over something, which I hadn't. The characters were way too predictable in their actions and seemed to mimic a combination of cheap romance novels.

I never finished the book due to the grammar issues and it wasn't interesting enough to see what happened at the end, as I'm pretty sure I predicted it fairly accurately in that, simply put, the guy falls for the unlikely matched girl.

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