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The Perfecti “Elect,” (Christian Pacifist) and the French Knights Templar (Warrior Protector) This is a fascinating historic research story and "church perpetuity" analysis of a centuries old intellectual spiritual rebellion through many centuries of devastating persecution, against incredible odds -- all the while full of bravery and loyalty unto Christ Jesus. Proceeded with ties to the Jewish “Order of the Nazarene” brethren, this is the history of Christianity since the time of Christ - being of the original “Holy Church of God” established at Pentecost (AD 33). Then after going through centuries of devastating persecution and scenarios of horrific slaughter, both sects was forced to go underground for safety until emerging 1,000 years later, joining forces with the Knights Templar. This is the true Christian church sect that re-emerged from the “Holy Church of God” through an apostolic succession "church perpetuity" being the Cathar Brethren Christian Church prior to the said Radical Reformation movement of free churches in Europe. What followed through "church perpetuity" was the Anabaptist church sect followed by the Hutterites, Mennonite, Amish and the more recent Restoration Movement – Church of Christ. These listed church sects in Europe were as well horrifically persecuted and became those puritans along with remnants of Knights Templar that immigrated to the Americas. Later next came the more recent Restoration Movement being the Church of Christ. In a prophesy being given by Saint Augustus, he said during the “End of Days” the “Holy Church of God” will re-emerge as the “Elect” saints when Christ Jesus returns in his glory! Analysis presented is of the greatest minds, brilliant intellects, inventors, writers, scientist, Christ apostles, saints, evangelist, martyrs, warrior protectors, and artist in history such as King David, Apostle Paul, Saint Augustine, Friar Roger Bacon, Cathar Christian Puritan John of Lugio, Sir Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dr. Albert Einstein, Dr. Ivan Panin, etc. - and most of all - through all this discourse is that of Christ Jesus. You will never be able to read your Bible the same again!

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July 12
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