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What happens after we die?

The acclaimed medium takes his talents to new levels and new countries!  For After Life, John and a documentary crew traveled to Australia and across the United States, where he demonstrated once again that grief, healing, and hope are eternally intertwined. He answers his fans' most-asked questions about the mediumship process and how it works, while revealing his own personal life as a husband and new father. Edward also shares what he’s learned through his own personal losses and demonstrates that it’s never too late to forgive…and never too far away to love.

John also connects with celebrities both here and on the other side.

May 4
Sterling Ethos
Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.

Customer Reviews

Gramajo99 ,

Crossing Over

This was an amazing book.I lost my father 1 1/2 yrs ago and it was so hard on me.After reading this book I feel as if my tears were not that of pain but of the beautiful memories of such a wonderful man that were left in my heart.He will always be with me and the goose bumps I get when I talk to him is confirmation that he hears me.I will always be daddy's little girl no matter how old I get & some day years from now he will be waiting.

Mrs Trimble ,

This book is amazing!

I woke up this morning after 12 and for some reason downloaded this book and have read it all in a day!! Thank you John for this book! I look forward to reading more of your books and hope to get to meet you some day! I respect your work and think your amazing!

niviamor ,

John Edwards inspires me to help people

It's been 11 years since I learned about John Edwards & his work. I have his books & he helped me get over depression & trust my guides for guidance. My sister has been deceased for 12 years with an insoles mystery of who killed her but I am at peace that she's ok & I can communicate with the loved ones that have crossed over. If it wasn't for my faith & John I probably would of been in a different state of mind. Thank you so much John!
With much love- Jessica Borrero

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