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The Steinkamp's first his/her book, After The Prodigal Returns. On one side Bob's writes to the prodigal how to re-adjust to living back home. How to deal with your emotions and feelings. Turn the book over and read Charlyne"s Standing After The Prodigal Returns. Charlyne teaches standers to learn how to love their husband or wife unconditionally, learn to "Zip their lips," and to never stop praying even though your husband or wife may be back home.

About After the Prodigal Returns
Here's what Bob has to say about his part of the book: This is being written for two groups of people. First, my thoughts, some very personal, are shared with returning spouses. Secondly, this is written for all standers as a reminder to continue to stand, especially after the one you love so very much has come home. Regardless of where you are right now, I pray that we may make this journey called marriage restoration together. It's impossible for me to write without God dealing with my life. May it be impossible for you to read and accept that the loving, gentle Holy Spirit will speak to you as well.

About Standing After the Prodigal Returns
Here's what Charlyne has to say about her part of the book: The purpose of this book is to give hope and encouragement to every person standing for restoration of their marriage and especially to couples recently reconciled. My desire is to proclaim loudly that we serve an awesome mighty God who can rebuild, restore and reconcile our families back together again, regardless of the circumstances. Our Lord is no respecter of persons. What He did for the Steinkamps, He can do for you and your beloved spouse and family.

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October 11
Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc.
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