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In “this enchanting story about friendship,” two fourth grade girls discover a magical world hidden in one’s backyard (Publishers Weekly).
 No fourth grader trusts Sara-Kate Connolly. Her boots are dirty, her clothes are weird, and she’s so maladjusted that the school had to hold her back a grade. But Hillary is her next-door neighbor, and can’t say no when the unusual loner invites her over to play. In Sara-Kate’s overgrown backyard, Hillary will find proof of a world of magic—the kind that can only blossom between true friends. Among the rusted car parts and wild plants, a miniature village has sprung up. It has tiny houses made from string, sticks, and maple leaves; a well with a bottlecap for a bucket; and even a little playground with a Popsicle-stick Ferris wheel. But there’s absolutely no sign of who built this miniature world. To Sara-Kate, the answer is clear—only elves could be responsible for something so enchanted. As she and Hillary watch for their elusive new friends, they learn that friendship, like magic, springs up where you least expect it. This ebook features a personal history by Janet Taylor Lisle including rare images and never-before-seen documents from the author’s own collection.

Young Adult
January 29
Open Road Media
OpenRoad Integrated Media, LLC
Grades 4-6

Customer Reviews

Argh pirates ,

Lovely story.

Very poignant story. It tells of the friendship between Hillary and her mysterious next-door neighbor, Sara-Kate, and of the elf village that brought them together. What I find fascinating about The Afternoon of the Elves is that it is never made clear whether the elves are indeed a supernatural presence in the girls' lives, or whether they're a product of an overly imaginative and lonely Sara-Kate. If you're anything like me, and if you choose to believe, you will soon realize that the magic of the elves is so powerful that it can even make its way into a trash-littered, untidy garden.

Even if you don't see the appeal of the story, the poetic and well-constructed sentences are a work of genius, deserving to be read and savored.

Just an FYI: The Afternoon of the Elves, unlike other children's books, isn't action-packed. It is a story that's mean to mirror the realities of life. Its message of friendship, however, is worth more than any action in the world.

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