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The Singer family has dedicated their lives to protecting humanity from the powers of darkness for over four thousand years. Generation after generation, they hunted and killed the forces of dark magic. Dan singer was no different. He organized and trained a disciplined group of humans to seek out and destroy vampires, werewolves, witches and any other creature that jeopardized the security and safety of humanity. Despite all his expertise, it was his son Drew that taught him an important lesson that multiple generations of Singer’s had seemed to have forgotten.

Drew Singer spent his entire young life training to be a hunter. When the time came for his first official mission, he was as ready as the most seasoned veteran. Willing to risk his own life in order to battle evil made Drew brave, but being compassionate made him a hero. From a young age, he knew his duty was not just to kill monsters but to protect humanity, even if they were their own worst enemy. His compassion led him to befriend a witch and fall in love while looking down the wrong end of a loaded gun.

When Drew was ready, his father assigned him to be the leader of his own team of hunters. Under his leadership, his men and women were ready for anything, until an ancient vampire came to kill them all. Drew quickly found himself face to face with a vampire more powerful than the team had ever faced. For the first time in his life, Drew was afraid.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 3
Dave Rudden
Smashwords, Inc.

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