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A passionate memoir, Ageless Lust, An Improbable Love Affair, is an authentic and unique lust-morphed-love romance novel about a steep age gap relationship.
It was December 2009. A septuagenarian widower and a surgeon by trade, I was ready to retire and also leave the U.S.

Five months beforehand, my life intersected with a drop-dead gorgeous lass. She was the 42-year-old Vronica (an 'e' less Veronica), a single mother of two kindergarten-age children.

The sexual attraction between us was instantaneous. The revolting age difference (31–years) was not even noticed or discussed.
Fast forward to five months of passionate love and lust sexcapades, the time for the last goodbye arrived.

Before heading for the airport, Vronica handed me a sendoff card dated May 23rd, 2010, that ended with a few words of enchantress wisdom. 'Darling, we both know that this will not be a final goodbye! I am leaving it open-ended and breathlessly wait for your return!'

Fourteen hours later, I was standing on the revered grounds of the Promised Land, 7500 miles away from my heart I left behind in Los Angeles. My sexual bonanza morphed into feelings of deep love doomed by an unbridgeable separation.

After weeks of phone calls, text messages, emails, and Skype-sex, Vronica arrived to be with me for my 74th birthday. The twelve days of an insane honeymoon ended with her returning to her motherly duties.

In a deep slump, I admitted I would not want to live without her.
After lengthy reflections and back-and-forth deliberations, Vronica agreed with my plan to return for a trial time. A short time after that, I re-crossed a sea, an ocean, and two continents to rejoin her in the City of Angels.
My brief visit became permanent, and the rest is history, as they say.

On December 20th, 2019, we celebrated a decade of a loving and lusting togetherness. Not time or the 31-year age difference separated us. Her sorcerer's premonition, expressed in her farewell card, proved her right.

P.S. To pen sentences on paper or screen was never my cup of tea. Vronica and I have a unique and implausible tale of love and lust that attested that genuine love has no age limits. Therefore, it should come at no surprise that this time, I couldn't resist sharing this true romantic tale with the public at large. Hence, the concept of this book was born.

March 15
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