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This book is what I’ve found to be humorous about becoming a senior. When I was younger I was much too serious to find any humor in being young. Now that I belong to the older demographic, I’ve found a lot of things funny about getting old. This is my collection of personal observations, thoughts, and conversations about aging. I put this collection of humor into topics and those topics in alphabetical order. Not in order of importance or level of humor. This book is meant to entertain us seniors. Some of its contents is created, but most is factual. We seniors know there’s more than enough entertainment written and marketed for younger adults. I hope reading this makes you laugh and find some humor in our aging process.


Appearance: Standing in the check out line at my local grocery store I heard the voice of a little boy asking his father "Look Daddy, that man has cotton in his ears. Why does he have cotton in his ears?" I heard a quiet Shhh, from his dad. I turned around and noticed both of them quickly look away from me. Then I realized it was the hair in my ears that got the little boys attention. It was that funny looking long white hair growing out of my ear canals. Enough white hair to look like cotton to a little boy and probably to everyone else. Wonderful! I thought to myself. That’s just where I wanted more hair to grow. Why not hair that grows wild and out of control from the bald areas on the top of my head? This is the very same reason why I won’t take my shirt off in public. There’s more hair growing from my back these days than on my head. I don’t mind not being attractive anymore, but I sure don’t want to get attention by showing off the healthy wild crop on my back.

Holidays: Halloween we get fewer trick-or-treaters every year. Maybe it was the Tums and Rolaids that got mixed in with the candy a few years ago.

February 18
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