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“Today there are approximately 1.2 million people living with HIV/AIDS in the U.S. Approximately 545,000 are black.” 

What happened to the African American Church that was a pillar in society—is it gone forever? Dr. Brown says no. It doesn’t have to be read about only in history books. Prayerfully this book will serve as a new beginning in the African-American Church tolerance, counseling and acceptance of all in need of healing and salvation.

When members of the Church and the community are knocking at the door for guidance, confidential counseling, and support, the Church doors must be found open and its people ready to serve. Following the teachings of Christ is all that the African American Church needs as their foundation in their response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

It’s not the government’s responsibility, it’s not the doctors’ responsibility—it’s not even the pastor’s responsibility alone. The unified Church need to face the truth of their own backyards and purposefully become a beacon light in their corner of the world. When today’s black Church comes together to form unbreakable bonds, committed to tackling pervasive issues in a united front, the avenues of restoration will be blown wide open. We can look to the past to show us a better future, where the black church once again is an agent of change at the center of growing communities headed in the right direction.

Dr. Brown is passionate about this sensitive topic that many African American Churches have shied away from confronting and others are ill-equipped to handle. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit he is compelled to bring to light this subject and place it at the door steps of the African-American Church.

Dr. Brown holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Religious Education and a PhD in Theology.

November 30
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