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A father murdered by magic. A daughter's quest for clues could make her the next victim…

Jade Gariq dreams of a new calling. While she wishes she could join the elite force that protects her home world from interdimensional threats, she's stuck working for the family business. But everything changes when her father is found dead with traces of magic on him… magic that should only belong to the mythical Dragon-Gods…

To uncover the mystery behind her father's murder, Jade must follow the clues to an uncharted world. Beyond the portal, treacherous jungles, surprising betrayals, and a killer bent on tying up loose ends stand in her way of the truth. It'll take every ounce of Jade's cunning to solve her father's death, but can she avoid his fate?

Airwoman is a high-flying YA fantasy novel set in a stunning new Dragonverse. If you like fascinating worlds, memorable characters, and a dash of romance, then you'll love Zara Quentin's action-packed adventure.

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Q & A with Zara Quentin

Q. What's so special about the Airwoman series?

A. When I started to write Airwoman, I wanted to write the kind of book that I like to read: fantasy and young adult fantasy, with gutsy heroines, plenty of action and adventure, as well as a vicarious journey into imaginative and well-developed worlds. I love escaping into books with a sense of mystery and characters that I can fall in love with and go on adventures with. My books are also deeply influenced by my love of travel and my interest in other characters.

Q. What order should I read the books?

A. The Airwoman series is a trilogy which should be read in order:

Airwoman (Book 1)

Spirit Woman (Book 2)

Book 3 (forthcoming)

Q. Why should readers give these books a try?

A. I like to take readers on an adventure that will keep them turning the pages to find out what will happen next. I want readers to have a vicarious experience of travelling to other worlds and experiencing the fantastical places where my stories are set. The Airwoman series has portals, magic and dragons—everything a good fantasy book should have, plus a heroine with wings!

Reviews for Airwoman:

"I absolutely loved Airwoman, it was unique and interesting and action packed. The book was fast paced and hard to put down, and the characters were all so different yet just as important as each other."--Nicole

"I loved this heroine. The world building is well crafted and I was engrossed in the story. Immerse yourself in this world and enjoy fantasy with lots of action, suspense and a touch of romance."--Anna O

"Airwoman drew me in and kept me reading. The characters are intriguing and relatable, and the world the author built is beautifully crafted and thoroughly believable."--Susan

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Fantasy SeriesFantasyEpic FantasyYoung Adult Fantasy/ YA FantasyAction and AdventureDragons and Mythical Creatures

Young Adult
October 25
Zara Quentin
Draft2Digital, LLC

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JC Cincy Kid ,

AIRWOMAN - high flying adventure-By Cincy Kid 68!

Quite a fun Read- very unique spin on a mixture of fantasy, adventure and suspense. (5) 🌟👏👍

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