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Witness cutting edge inventions and designs combined with innovative engineering and smart home system technology that revolutionize the way we build and live. This 512 page book is filled with illustrations, detailed explanations, and technical diagrams that chronicle the next generation of green architecture, self-sufficient building, and real estate investing concepts. Every aspect of the building process from design concept to finished property has been revolutionized to be efficient, environmentally responsible, convenient, and sustainable. Quality-tested factory-built construction, high-speed assembly, and exceptional system integration are hallmarks of this turn-key modernization.

To maintain the high-quality details of the technical diagrams and graphics the recommended viewing format is a twenty-seven inch screen or higher.

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September 13
Akchurin Inc

Customer Reviews

ghansen2 ,

The future is here!

Fascinating, and an insight into what the future holds for us all...

Sabina AKC ,

This is not just a simple architectural book,but this is a masterpiece!

I purchased this book, because I was familiar with the work of this exceptionally talented architect. As I had previously, come across some articles illustrating his beautiful projects published in a number of international magazines on design and architecture. Since then I have been following his work closely and was really pleased to see that he had published his own book on the subject of an eco friendly, high end designed home. Now after reading this book I really should say, that this is not just a simple architectural book, but this is a masterpiece. The book itself exudes the utmost excellence on every single page, with stunning pictures and technical explanations illustrating the details of a truly momentous eco house. It is compiled in an easy way to show and explain the intricacies of this new eco house in a way that is understandable for anyone, not just engineers or designers. Nowadays with the urgent call to implement new technology and eco friendly ways of living, this book is timely and offers notable solutions for living in harmony with our planet. I believe that having a home as outlined within these pages is not only an important first step to a new life, but really a matter of critical importance. We must begin building these homes now. The creator shows that we can have beautiful high-end houses without damaging our earth but working with it. Another impressive advantage of these eco friendly homes is that you can build them anywhere: mountains, desert or island and it is perfectly made for self-service.  I highly recommend this book. Also a tip when downloading, try to view it on as large a monitor display as possible. To be able to really feel the phenomenal creative energy that the author clearly breathed into his masterpiece.

marina.khamdokhova ,

My Private Island House

I have always dreamed of owning an island vacation home away from the big city, but I just couldn’t leave behind the modern conveniences. Even basic things like water and electricity start to get complicated without infrastructure. This home is self-sufficient, modern, and completely automated, so I can drop it off on an island and still have everything at my fingertips. Even when I go back to the city, I can keep an eye of things, turn on the lights, monitor the systems, and even let guests in the front door using my tablet. Now all I have to do is pick an island.