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AKEL DAMA means "Field of Blood"

This is the COMPLETE EDITION of "Akel Dama, the next-to-last installment in the Jay Leicester Mysteries series written by critically acclaimed southern author JC Simmons:

An aged ex-airliner loaded with five tons of marijuana lands on a newly built, but unpaved, section of roadbed in rural central Mississippi. Apprehended by the local sheriff, the pilot refused to shut down the idling engines. A call to Jay Leicester (pronounced "Lester"), Aviation Consultant, for help, the sheriff brings our protagonist into a situation that ends with his evolvement with the CIA, terrorists who plan to set off a nuclear device in the United States and the deaths of his closest friends.

A work of international intrigue with connections to the Middle East, to South America, to south Florida, and rural Mississippi, this is a powerful story of determined men and women exposed to horror beyond their control. Akel Dama is above all a novel about decency, good and evil, about courage we build inside ourselves to govern our behavior and how that courage is eroded-one of the strongest novels yet from one of the South's most admired and prolific writers.

AKEL DAMA is exciting and well written, with pervasive humanity and the grit of truth. J.C. Simmons with this novel is undisputedly one of the finest Mystery writers of his generation. This work tells a vivid and compelling story, reminding us that we live amid pending horror, and that truth is endlessly more important than circumstance. This is an impressive evocation of a threat of terrorism around the world at a crucial time in history. It is an important work that will be useful to all who are interested in the world from this time on. A must read for any serious aficionado of the Mystery/Thriller genre.

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January 29
JC Simmons
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