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Alana Oakley: Mystery and Mayhem is the first book in an entertaining, empowering and upbeat Australian mystery series written especially for 10 to 13 year old girls. The series features a gutsy and bold teen sleuth, Alana Oakley, who along with her unique gang of friends deftly wrangle misdeeds, mysteries and her slightly absurd mother. The series is fast-paced with just the right balance of comedy, crazy antics and serious messages for girls about how choices define us, shape our lives and feed our soul. The series will appeal to readers of Ruby Redfort and The Cate Carlisle files, however, differs in that Alana is an average, relatable Sydney-sider; not ridiculously rich like Ruby, or a whiz at languages like Cate.


Alana Oakley is 12 going on 24. She has to be when her impulsive, accident-prone mother, Emma, attracts so much chaos. Alana’s dad’s passing three years ago has forced Alana to become the grown-up of the family, spinning the mother-daughter relationship on its head.

Mystery and Mayhem starts with Alana’s first year in high school at the progressive, experimental Gibson High. Year 7 is packed with the usual excitement and perils. But when Alana’s superstitious friend, Sofia, loses her magic eight-ball charm, life begins to take a mysterious detour. Alana’s sleuthing career takes off, but not without first having to overcome the over-exuberant Nurse Cathy, the military-inspired Coach Kusmuk and her impetuous mother who has now taken up Internet-dating! The biggest mystery of all is whether Alana’s birthday wish will come true: Will this year be different or will it go horribly, spectacularly wrong, as usual?

Better call the fire department ... just in case.

Young Adult
May 1
Big Sky Publishing
Big Sky Publishing

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