Alchemy and Kabbalah in the Tarot

The Keys of Radical Spiritual Transformation

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The most ancient sciences in the world are Alchemy and Kabbalah, which are the practical, spiritual knowledge hidden in the depths of every great religion and mystical tradition.

Modern scientists are only recently discovering what these ancient teachings have always known: that we are a part of a multidimensional universe, and that our consciousness, our awareness, can expand to perceive matter and energy that are invisible to the flesh. Just as physics and chemistry illuminate our understanding of the physical world, Alchemy and Kabbalah constitute a scientific method to awaken the consciousness and fully develop the human being, opening the doors to vast worlds that are hidden from the physical senses.

This awakening or alchemical birth requires a precise scientific method, for everything that exists depends upon causes and conditions. Hidden in centuries of mystical texts and obscure drawings are the specific instructions that lead towards the opening of their inner senses and the entrance into a higher life. The Philosopher's Stone, the secret of transmuting lead into gold, and many other sacred mysteries long restricted to initiates who had proven their trustworthiness were publicly revealed for the first time by the author Samael Aun Weor.

These mystical sciences are hidden in the twenty-two primary Tarot cards, whose origins and precise meanings have never before now been publicly revealed. Now, see for yourself how these ancient traditions are all truly one science. Discover the keys to unlock the mysteries hidden in scriptures, mystical texts, and enigmatic images, and most importantly the mysteries hidden within us.

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March 1
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Pwgrossman ,

Profound, Practical and Direct Teaching on Alchemy and Kabbalah

This short but profound text by Samael Aun Weor offers refreshing insight into two of the spiritual world's most misunderstood and poorly taught sciences. What makes this book different from others is that it is very clear and practical. Most of what I have read on these subjects has proven to be solely intellectual and more often contradictory, albeit written with good intentions. This can be explained by the fact that many authors merely repeat what they have read and have not demonstrated objective knowledge on the subjects from conscious experience. This is verifiable by comparing their writings with the authentic scriptures of different religions and traditions; they simply are dissonant with what the great spiritual teachers have taught and have no basis in the wisdom of the ancients.

Those unfamiliar with Samael Aun Weor's writings will be surprised by his direct, intuitive and clear explication of mysticism within the Kabbalistic Tarot. He is much to the point, and does not waste time with vague intellectual postulations or correlations for the sake of sounding interesting. His vast knowledge and spiritual culture is evident, but that is not important. The main focus of these spiritual symbols is how they relate practically to our own daily experience. This book not only details the esoteric theories behind the symbolism of the Tarot, Torah, or cosmic laws within nature, but demonstrates how to achieve direct cognizant knowledge of these teachings in one's life through a series of exercises and practices. A welcome book: sharp, clear, without ambiguity, and completely accessible. Highly recommended!

Inspired from Connecticut ,

Alchemy & Kabbalah

This is a great book to study and meditate on. Samael Aun Weor has drawn together ancient mystical knowledge and revealed the hidden mysteries from which all religions emerge. It is a practical reference book for the serious student as well.

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