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Past indiscretion with life-altering effects. 

Macy Spencer hit rock bottom and clawed her way out of the hole her cheating, lying, gambling ex-husband left her in. Drowning in debt and penniless, the single mother of two worked hard to get her life back on track and protect her children from the fallout. But now her ex is in more debt and his bookie’s knocking on her door for payment. The last thing she needs is the handsome, rough, sexy-as-all-get-out Alec Hall overhearing the threats—but he does—and now he’s making it his mission to protect her and her children. Whether she wants it or not.

Former Navy SEAL Alec Hall’s world has come to a screeching halt. With a newborn daughter dropped on his doorstep and fatherhood looming, he doesn’t have a moment of free time to spare. But when Alec finds out the woman who runs his daughter’s daycare is in danger, he can’t stay away. The sadness in Macy’s pretty eyes is unmistakable—it calls to him, making all of his protective instincts roar to life. He vows to do whatever necessary to protect Macy and her children. Too bad Macy wants nothing to do with him. 

A battle is warring in Alec’s head. Can he let go of his guilt, embrace his new role, and be the hero Macy needs? The odds are stacked against them and now more than ever Alec needs a miracle. 

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“I Fell in love with the Gemini Group and can’t wait for the rest of the stories.”

“Once again I am in awe with the writing of Riley Edwards each book just keeps getting better and better, it's like fine wine!!!!”

“I love a good romantic suspense, and this one was definitely one of my top reads by Riley Edwards.”

February 25
Rebels Romane
Rebels Romance

Customer Reviews

staci: ,

Alex is tough but so is a cookie on the outside

Alex I think has been my favorite so far. He is so tough and hard with the guys in the series and when you get to him and his daughter he just melts. He won’t give up on his love and it’s amazing to see how he gets her to trust. Love the whole series you won’t be disappointed

OB213 ,

I love this!

OMG! Alec and Macy were such awesome characters. Macy was a truly strong character she just needed a-little push to come out of her shell. Alec was amazing in helping Macy and her kids when they needed it most. Caleb, Aurora, and Joselyn just gave the story extra life, and it was beautiful to see Alec with them! This was my second fav in the series! ☺️❤️

myaniqued ,


Love this series of books

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