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Shay Sandoval has big dreams and works hard to achieve them. But her older sister likes that fast, easy money and finds herself in a hot mess of trouble when she helps her boyfriend scam Houston’s underworld. Terrified for her sister and herself, Shay turns to the only man powerful enough to save them—former prize fighter and Russian mob enforcer Alexei Sarnov.

Just as ruthless in business as he was on the streets, Alexei has built a new life as a respected, wealthy businessman. When he learns Shay’s troubled sister has invoked the wrath of Houston’s criminal elite, Alexei rushes to intercept Shay before the city’s worst men can get their hands on her.

But now that she’s under his protection—and under his hands—Alexei realizes that he wants and needs more than he’s ever dared to hope for in his harsh life. He wants Shay in his home and in his bed—but not as merely his mistress.

Earning Shay’s love and trust just might be the hardest deal he’s ever sealed…

February 25
Night Works Books , LLC
Night Works Books

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Madreaderthisisinsane ,


Young 22 year old Heroine with mid thirty hero. I am all for age gap romances, but this Heroine forgot to put on her big girl underwear in the morning. Instead they were Disney princesses dancing on them because that's who she thought she was.

The heroine of this book couldn't have been anymore annoying. All she did was whine, complain and was just TSTL. Not to mention, this formula of wayward sibling is old. It was like a rewrite of Ivan all over again. Just worse.

Alexi, this so-called masculine ex mopped up fighter was anything but. He allowed the heroine to ruin his reputation, cost him millions, and hand out favors in doves. Why? Because she was a virgin?😂 please get real. The story would have been 100% better if the heroine was found on the side of the road with her throats slashed. And it was plausible with all the stupid crap she did. Ugh.

This story is bad. Simple.

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