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Next to having a real live teacher, there isn’t an easier, more enjoyable and fun-filled way to learn to play the piano than this new version of one of the most successful adult piano methods ever written. Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course is the leading method used by piano teachers all over the world – and yes, it has been translated in many languages. And now you have the opportunity to teach yourself from this very special edition as well.

What is truly unique about this 3-volume edition is that every song has an audio track that allows you to hear the song while following the music page. In addition, there is a video of Dr. Gayle Kowalchyk, a university trained piano teacher, not only describing any new elements on the page, but performing the piece as well. You get to see Gayle’s hands as she performs the piece, while the music she is playing is highlighted above her hands. This means you can simultaneously see the music and hear the piece as she plays.

And if that is not enough, there is Gayle on an audio recording talking to you as a teacher might, pointing out how to practice the page, what to watch for, what is new, and how to have a successful performance. There is no reason you can’t be playing very easy versions of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, Aura Lee, the Mexican Hat Dance, Au claire de la lune, Jingle Bells, Merrily We Roll Along, Largo (from the New World), Mary Ann, and ending with the very popular, When the Saints Go Marching In, in a very short time.

We begin our course right from the beginning, starting with how to sit at the piano. You’ll soon learn about the keyboard, the names of the notes, and how to read from a music staff. Also included in Volume 1 are how to play the C major, G7th, and F major chords.

If you’ve played the piano before but haven’t played for a long while, or if you always wanted to sit down and play but for one reason or another, never had the time, now you have a fool-proof way to get started and see how much fun you’ve been missing. This is how you can get started right now!!!

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Customer Reviews

Mehrdad nokhiz ,

Some problems in symbols

It's very good book.but some symbols hasn't any explanation.for example on the start of sheet write moderately but never explain what does it mean.i knows this is Italy words but beginning students have problem with these miss explanation.thank you Alfred company I think your books is very good and easy.😉😉

Just bought $54 ,

Easy to follow up

The book is written in a easy way to follow up. It has video to show how to play. It may carry a half of the adult basic piano book. Need to practice again after going over each volumn to catch the meaning and understand how to play LH or RH.



Has really helped me with the basics and building me up professionally.

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