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Alien Interview. It does NOT include FOOTNOTES, INDEX or TABLE OF CONTENTS. Only the letters, personal notes and copies of top secret government interview transcripts from Roswell, N.M.. The interviews were conducted with the pilot of a crashed UFO at the US Army Air Force Base in July and August of 1947 under government direction by Flight Nurse Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy. (deceased)

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June 12
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Fluzzzzy ,

Alien Interview

This book is amazing. I believe Everyone should read this!!!

Wow! :)

05942012 ,

Just finished reading the printed version

I just finished reading the printed version of this book "the Alien Interviews", I believe that the textual facts of this book are true, possibly only conveyed in a story behind the Roswell Incident to be the conveyance of the factual material about Humans and Aliens and our relationship, In 1895 a similar book was written called "Etidorhpa" by John Uri Lloyd, in which a man journied to the inner earth through a cavern in Kentucky (it's True and the Cavern exists) but the story was laid out to convey the defects of the human mind with scientific principles that were at the time unheard of.

The book in it's entire context is very enlightening and I DO BELIEVE 95% of what Lawrence is conveying is True, only the story of the Nurse and the "Is-Be" alien "Airl" are not specifically true. But the way in which the content was conveyed was necissary to get the story told.

I would recomment ALL books by Lawrence R. Spencer, You WILL become educated and Enlightened after you read them.

SidRodFam ,

What if....

Yes it all sounds like a crazy science fiction novel, but what if... Never close mind yourself because sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.

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