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Outlaws, schemes, and love… it's all there in the Alien Outlaws series…

Andie Munster is sick of life on Ixilta, the planet she got dumped on after being abducted from Earth six years ago. And when the mysterious and dangerous Xandr shows up looking for a way off the planet, she's half-prisoner, half-co-conspirator in a wild rush to escape.

Follow Andie, Xandr, and the rest of the crew through heists, hijinks, and love in the Alien Outlaws series by Kate Rudolph. Included in this collection are Rogue Alien's Escape, Rogue Alien's Woman, Rogue Alien's Secret, and Rogue Alien's Legacy.

Rogue Alien's Escape

When a dashing purple alien named Xandr smashes Andie's carefully constructed existence to pieces, she'll need to make a choice: remain trapped on a planet where freedom is little more than an illusion, or reach for something greater and risk everything.

Rogue Alien's Woman

When a job comes up that's too lucrative to miss, Xandr and his crew will risk everything to pull it off. But is Xandr willing to risk the one woman who makes him want more than a life of petty crime?

Rogue Alien's Secret

Andie and Xandr's relationship is blooming between heists, explosions, and evading the dogged Duke of Mebion. But when a job goes wrong the whole crew is at risk and Xandr is hiding something that could doom them all.

Rogue Alien's Legacy

Xandr's past has come back to haunt his crew, and if they don't find a way to work together, they'll all end up rotting in an Oscavian prison… or worse.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 9
Kate Rudolph
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

xjennoe ,

This was a fun outlaw sci-fi romance.

This romance was super fun. The outlaw heists and hijinks were fun, and our hero being a secret noble outlaw with a heart of gold was a super fun space opera element to this romance novel. This novel reminded me a little bit of the TV show Firefly in tone, though the plot and world building was very different. This omnibus of the complete novel is definitely worth a read, though I would not read this novel in the original serial format it was first released in. I intensely dislike the serial format. I am super glad the author released this novel in a complete volume so I was able to enjoy it. The heroine was super likable and her courage in comminicating clearly to the hero where she was at emotionally was a pleasure to read. The hero respected all the heroine's boundaries, which was also a pleasure to read in a romance novel. This novel struck a good balance between internal and external conflict, in my opinion. I also enjoyed getting more information on the internal workings of the Oscavian Empire which we haven't gotten much of in this author's two series about the Detyen aliens and their human fated mates. An all-around excellent read, in my opinion.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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