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Coda and Nate are space pirates, scouring for victims to kidnap and molest. Coming upon a research station, they find a strange sight: Bodies, and a researcher named Lana, who warns them of the creature lurking the ship, with an urge to fill fleshy holes with its long, slimy tentacles... 6156 words with dubious consent, tickling, and perverted tentacle sex! Adults only! All characters over 18.Excerpt:I felt its slimy tentacles sliding into my tank top, rubbing against both my breasts and my shoulder blades. There were tentacles encircling my neck and my waist, preventing me from getting away. Slimy appendages were locked around my forearms and nestling inside my armpits. They were nosing into my tight shorts and running themselves lewdly all over my butt. Some were even dipping down and sneaking into my shoes, squirming ticklishly against my soles and squeezing themselves between my toes. Every breath I took brought in a pungent smell, like moist wood.I grabbed whatever tentacles were in reach, and squeezed as hard as I could, wondering if it could even feel anything. In response, it flailed about wildly, slipping and sliding within my grasp, reminding me all too vividly of a very excited dick. Of course, the only appropriate response here was to squeeze and pump as fast and as hard as I could, riling it up to the max! I could feel it squirming excitedly, slime squeezing out between my fingers and running down my wrists. The other tentacles started writhing faster too. A bunch of them wrapped themselves around my knees, and suddenly my legs were being raised up and spread out, opening up my crotch and taint to the perverted monster's whims. Immediately, several thick, slimy appendages went after my lower openings. Some were balked by the protection of my shorts. But others were figuring out how to get inside, and the ones that did were soon stuffing themselves into my ass and pussy, their slimy coating making the perfect lubrication.No matter how much I thrashed about, I couldn't break free from its grasps. I was completely helpless, unable to do anything but let it molest and violate me to its hearts content, if it even had a heart. This... this was everything I would've wanted from a perverted tentacle monster. I cried out and bucked some more, completely immersed in the pleasure of being stroked and rubbed all over my tender body, wallowing in the knowledge that I was absolutely unable to resist, no matter how unbearably sensitive it felt. I was a little bit afraid, but also extremely excited. My crotch must've been flooding with my juices, ...not that it mattered with all the slimy lubrication the monster was rubbing me down with.Something weird was happening. It felt like my body was getting more and more sensitive over time. I wasn't getting any more used to its attentions than when it started. ...No, it was definitely starting to get worse. Or better. It was already amazing enough having so many slimy appendages writhing all over my helpless body, pushing themselves in and out of my a*****e and vagina. But now it was feeling so much more pronounced... like I could tell exactly where each tentacle was caressing me, where I was being squeezed and fondled. It was too much for my brain to cope with. I started losing control of my bodily functions, vaguely aware that I was peeing my shorts, that I was drooling all over the tentacles in front of my face.Some of them noticed, and immediately thrust themselves into my mouth, teasing all over the insides as my tongue pushed ineffectively against them, trying to force them out. A moment later, my tongue itself was engulfed in tentacle teasing, the sensations, lewd and overbearing. It tasted sweet and salty, almost like cum. In fact, this creature was starting to give me the impression of just being a mass of writhing dicks that continually secreted cum-like slime.

Fiction & Literature
June 27
Pen Penguin
Smashwords, Inc.

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20yr old reader ,

Not worth $2.99

Kind of short and choppy. Scenes weren't that long and for $3 I think it was a total rip off. The excerpt gives more than the whole book

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