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"ALL BETS ON ME" is a self-help book and an account of a young man who grew up in the city of New Orleans with a vision and a drive to achieve the "American Dream." The book depicts the early struggles of a kid who embodied the entrepreneurial hustle of his celebrity role models that eventually manifested into doing business with the same celebrity figures he idolized growing up. 

This narrative highlights the true value in building solid relationships through business and real life encounters. In  pursuit of success, life will present pivotal moments that require strategic and intentional relationship building; "ALL BETS ON ME" prepares the reader to aggressively maximize those moments and translate an ordinary relationship into a lucrative one. 

More importantly, this publication delivers a vital message to the reader: In the game of life, every day is a gamble and even when the odds are stacked against you, roll the dice, and always make the best bet ever - bet it all on you.

Business & Personal Finance
January 9
Larry Morrow Pubishing
Larry Morrow Publishing

Customer Reviews

@PrissyByRissy ,

A Piece Of Our Life

Omg Larry You’ve Done A Wonderful Job With This Book! Pictures,Stories,Advice Even To Mentioning Your Friends (I Think Thats The Part That Made Me Love The Book More Because I Know Every Situation Really Happened With Those People And At Those Places) The Book Really Took Me Back To High School, Young Stunna Parties&Chump Change Shirts! It’s A Piece Of A lot Of Our Lives That We Shared With A Lot Of People Some Who Aren’t Alive Or Just Not Here Anymore But This Book Is A Piece That We Can Share For Many Years To Come To Remind&Remember

j_martin1022 ,

You did well

Inspiring ! Way to lead by example . Thank you for beginning to change the narrative of our city we are not crabs in a bucket we are powerful together

Chad&Chan ,


Huge thank you to Larry Morrow for sharing his journey and his families stories with us in a way that can uplift me in a time where my journey my be blurry. Larry God bless you and your family. I hope you’re able to reach all your goals you set for yourself. God has given you real talents, continue to manifest them and share with the rest of us for motivational purposes.