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Brantley Walker has dedicated his life to fighting for his country. Having given seventeen years to the US Navy, the last ten as a SEAL, the mission was the only thing he knew, the only thing that mattered. He never even considered what life would look like after the mission was over. 

Until he’s forced to.

After spending months recovering from career-ending injuries, Brantley finds himself back in his hometown of Coyote Ridge, Texas. Now a permanent resident once again, with the full support of his family and friends, he sets forth to start over, forced to figure out what to do with the rest of his life, which, as it turns out, is far easier said than done.

Then the unthinkable happens.

When his cousin Travis’s daughter is kidnapped, Brantley puts himself right back in the action, partnering up with Reese Tavoularis to find the little girl and bring her back home where she belongs. 

Along the way, Brantley and Reese end up immersed in another mission. Only this one results in a journey that takes them in a direction neither of them expected to go.

May 12
Nicole Edwards Limited
SL Independent Publishing

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Chiblonde1 ,


One down and ready for two. Nicole hit this out of the park. She is an extraordinary author that melds and intertwines her series. Start from the beginning and read, read, read.


Nicole Edwards Has Delivered Another Great Read!!

When I read the blurb, I was a bit skeptical about this one, but OMG I absolutely loved this book!!! WOW!!! If I could give this one 10 stars I would. With Mission: All In, Nicole Edwards has given her readers a story with two characters, Brantley Walker and Reese Tavoularis, who are extremely complex and complicated individuals, and the best part about this story is that she did not shy away from the conflict, confusion or intimacy that arose in this developing relationship. Mission: All In grabbed me from the moment I opened the book and read the prologue, and I continued to be ensnared in the mystery, intrigue, suspense and romance that encompassed this brilliantly told story.

Brantley Walker has just ended his military career due to a mission that went haywire and left him injured when he returns home to Coyote Ridge and his huge family...THE WALKER CLAN. However, there also is a bit of a complication because, back in Coyote Ridge, he meets Reese Tavoularis, who also is ex-military, Air Force, and currently works for Walker Demolition, who Brantley finds himself attracted to, only problem is Reese is straight. The two of them bond over understanding how it feels to be out in civilian life and become very good friends. Despite all of this, Brantley is conflicted about being home and not having a mission to achieve since he has spent his entire life in the military as a Navy SEAL, so when his cousin Travis Walker's daughter goes missing, Brantely becomes the man that Travis looks to for help in finding his daughter. Together, Brantley and Reese embark on not only a mission to bring Travis' daughter back home, but also an exploration of their relationship. It is during the telling of the beginnings of their relationship that Nicole Edwards' storytelling skills shine as she weaves this complicated romance together with suspense and a race against time to bring a little girl home to her parents and family.

Mission: All In was an absolutely wonderful story that takes it reader on a journey that he or she never expected to experience, and what a great journey it is. Not only do you get this wonderful story featuring a new member of the Walker family, but you are introduced to so many more new members of the Walker Clan, and, of course, you get to catch up with your favorites, and not just Walkers. And only do we get Walkers, but we get new characters like Brantley's best friend JJ. Everyone needs a JJ in his or her life. So, for those of us who are Nicole Edwards fans there are plenty of great treats and connections in this one, and for those of you who have never read a Nicole Edwards books, what a great book to begin with. Mission: All In is yet another great read by Nicole Edwards, and I cannot wait for Mission: Without A Trace. Oh...this book does not end in a cliffhanger!!!

Aunt Nutsy ,

Another Great Book!

Mission: All In is another amazing book by Nicole Edwards. Brantley is kind of a lost person after being forced to retire from the SEALs. If you’ve read Nicole’s other books you’ll be excited to see some of her old characters make appearances. The gut wrenching piece of this book, the story of Kate has you sitting on the edge of your seat. Watching Brantley and Reese‘s relationship begin and grow was beautifully written. She also doesn’t disappoint with some smoking hot sex scenes!

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