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In Kristen Proby’s second novel in her Romancing Manhattan series, a playboy vows never to commit—until he meets the one woman he’s tempted to break his promise for.

Quinn Cavanaugh doesn’t do anything halfway. He drives fast, works hard, and plays even harder. And the word “commitment” doesn’t exist in his dictionary. He has no plans of settling down with one woman for he needs to be free to move on to the next big thing—whatever or whoever that may be. Each party knows the score going into it, and it’s all been working out fine. That is, until a sexy new colleague enters the scene.

Sienna Hendricks doesn’t give much thought to Quinn and the revolving door leading to his bedroom. She’s way too picky about who she shares her time or her body with and screwing around with a colleague isn’t part of her plan either. Quinn doesn’t intimidate her. And unlike most other members of her sex, she doesn’t melt into a puddle at his feet whenever he’s near. Most importantly, she has no issues telling him no.

But for a man who has the world at his feet, Quinn isn’t accustomed to being rejected. And he’s not about to let that change—no matter how persistent Sienna is. To his surprise, Sienna is everything he thought he’d never find. Pursuing her, and convincing her he's changed, is going to be the biggest challenge of his life. One he’s completely up for….

July 30

Customer Reviews

Tracey Finck ,

Another star on the Manhattan skyline!

Kristen Proby’s Romancing Manhattan series takes me home. See, I’m a girl from whose heart never really left the Northeast. So, it’s a joy every time Kristen uses her incredible voice to describe my “home.” And All It Takes, does that.

Sienna jumped off the pages to me as someone I would identify with as one of my relatives; a New Yorker that lives in the city and thrives on its energy. She’s practical, smart, sassy and has no problems going head to head with Quinn Cavanaugh; because he’s just wrong.

Quinn surprised me in a good way. Maybe because I know the bad boy lawyers too well, but he just got under my heart with the way he loves his family so deeply. And it wasn’t long before the attraction that initially drew Sienna to him eventually pulled her into an orbit of his protection.

But promises made need to be kept when the law needs to be upheld. And the law refuses to bend for no man. No woman.

Not even for love.

Another win by Kristen Proby!

tree7404 ,

I Love New York

I Love New York

This is the second part of this series, both standalone books, but helpful to read the first one So you know who is Finn and London are. I loved the relationship that came out while having to work with each other, or against each other. Quinn and Sienna are a great couple and the relationship that they built is so good and is realistic. I was completely shocked near the end when you see how Sienna and Quinn got the case they are workng on and how everything ends. Kristen Proby did not disappoint and am awaiting any more books from her.

DMS267 ,

Love & Law in Manhattan

Instant attraction turns to insta-love in this entertaining enemies to lovers book, second in the Romancing Manhattan series.

When opposing counsels, thrill-seeking playboy Quinn and sassy by the book Sierra, are thrown together on a case, the fine line between professional conduct & all consuming lust is impossible to ignore. It was fun to see them outside of work as the buttoned up Sierra & workaholic Quinn let loose & enjoy life more with someone to love. The case they were working was also intriguing as they raced the clock to fine century old clues.

Kristin Proby always writes swoony romance with smart, sexy couples and wonderful supporting characters and this is no exception. It was nice to catch up with previous characters & I look forward to more books in this series.

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