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All Jazzed Up is Book One in a brand new series Love, Lies, & Ninja Missions by Tracy Ellen.

A spin-off, stand-alone novel from The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod series, this is Jazy Axelrod’s provocatively alluring, uproariously funny love story!

Jazy is freaking out. Waking up one day to the appalling realization she’s fallen in love with a player, who also happens to be her best male friend, would be enough to freak any girl out. If that isn't bad enough, Jazy knows her love is totally one-sided because the wealthy, incredibly sexy Max Byrd is just not into her that way. To Max, she’s his best, and only, platonic girl pal.

But Max has problems, too. He suspects another woman is trying to trap him into marriage for his money. Max naturally turns to Jazy and begs her to help him out by quickly marrying him first. Against her will, Jazy reluctantly agrees to Max's idiotic scheme of a friends with no benefits pretend marriage, which doesn't sound very friendly or beneficial to Jazy at all! Soon Jazy perks up and sees the bright side of her fake marriage to Max. They'll be forced to spend each day together. Jazy stops feeling sorry for herself and takes control. After all, she is a horse-whispering, Celtic Cursing, potion-mixing, sex-loving, Axelrod woman. There’s nothing an Axelrod woman can't accomplish if she sets her mind to the task, and Jazy wants Max’s love.

Armed with determination and her unique talents, can Jazy seduce the cynical playboy Max Byrd in just a few short weeks to believe in her, and happily-ever-afters? Or does Jazy learn real love needs no convincing?

(Psst…you don’t have to read The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod series first to enjoy Jazy’s story. But for those of you that have, All Jazzed Up takes place immediately after Coupled with Chance, Volume VI.)

Note from the author: All Jazzed Up is meant to entertain 18+ adult audiences and contains swearing, sexual situations, and mild violence.

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December 21
Tracy Ellen
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Customer Reviews

Rdjos ,

Loved it

I really enjoyed this book. The characters are fun and off beat, it’s funny, a bit confusing at the very beginning but once we find names....very good!

Sharon K Sherman ,

All Jazzed Up

Tracy Ellen's All Jazzed Up brings back Axelrod sister, Jazy in her own struggle with love and life. Strong-willed and independent, she finds it difficult to face her growing feelings for her best friend, Max Byrd. But when Max needs her help, she has to dig deep for strength, because to help him, she will have to marry him.
It is a fun romp as Jazy, her friends, and sisters track down an evil cop, encourage Jazy in her engagement, and educate her about proper marriage etiquette. Can she pull it off without telling her friends what's really going on? Worse yet, can her heart survive the help she gives Max?

A captivating read from beginning to end.

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