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ALL MEAT is the first book, once lost, in John Aalborg's "Schaffner Family" crime and adventure trilogy. "ALL MEAT - A Redneck Meets LSD-25" is set in Miami and surrounding barrier islands during The Cultural Revolution. It was typewritten in 1970 and the manuscript lost for 45 years. Beyond being an exciting page-turner re a struggling young white family in Miami during the Sixties, All Meat is a trip through how a normal, cash-strapped husband and wife deal with psychedelic drugs and racial integration - banned racial sexual integration included. Psychedelic drugs, legal then, changed western culture, like it or not. The exotic urban adventures and risky boat runs to barrier islands, the often scary free sex, the South Beach hippies, the changing central Miami neighborhoods during integration, and the casual attitude in the workplace toward marijuana and other drugs, particularly LSD-25, are all representative of the time. The rough and tumble nature of a working class home in a mixed neighborhood are presented in up-front gritty stories, and the reader's encounter with these people will remain a memorable experience. If you have yet to read the other novels in Aalborg's Schaffner trilogy you will want to after reading ALL MEAT, which is the prequel to HARRY & IVORY and LOWBOY #22 . Other equally gamy and entertaining "pulp-fiction" novels from John Aalborg are there for the arm-chair ride of a lifetime, but this one also nails the historical mayhem of the Cultural Revolution of the 60s as never before. In addition it is a not-to-be-missed read for the survivors among us who used to be hot-ass hippies dropping acid - the real LSD-25 - when it was still available. For those readers, expect tears to flow for what we have lost, the dangers we dodged, and for the joys we experienced.

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August 16
John Aalborg
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