Book 1 - Winslow Grove

All of You

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Over a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the second grade, I gave Wren Tyler my heart. 


I never wanted it back, even when time, distance, and fate kept us apart—

because even as a kid, I knew I'd love that girl forever. 


It’s not until years later that we finally have a chance to be together. 




I’ve waited patiently through every obstacle and impossibility, and nothing is going to mess up my chance at a future with Wren. 


Unfortunately, my vengeful ex-fiancée has other plans. 


Already embroiled in a battle for my business, my ex sets her sights on Wren. 

She slings lies and threats like well-aimed arrows, intent on ruining me and destroying the woman I love.  

Each attack tests our newfound love, and instead of weathering the storm… 


Wren might just decide I'm not worth the risk.

February 15
SMW Books
S.M. West

Customer Reviews

Cxizabellax3 ,

All of us

All of You by S.M. West
This was heartwarming, funny, emotional and sometimes frustrating but it all gets where we want it to be. If we can jump into stories Oliver’s ex would be seeing stars, if you know what I mean.
The chemistry was there and I fell in love with this story.

Really enjoyed this ,

Meant to Be

Wren and Oliver have been best friends since childhood. For one reason or another, they were unable to go into a romantic relationship with each other. Only as adults are they finally able to pursue their relationship.
Unfortunately, Oliver’s ex has different ideas. She is a shrewd woman stopping at almost nothing to keep Wren and Oliver apart. Oliver did need to put a stop to his ex and get her to back off, but he’s too kindhearted for that. He almost lost Wren over this a couple of times, but their love is unflappable.
I definitely recommend this book!
I am voluntarily leaving this review.

TwinsTim ,

Oliver & Wren

Wren Tyler and Oliver Winslow have been friends since they were in the second grade. Wren told off a bully and offered Oliver part of her peanut butter sandwich and he was hers forever. As they grew up, they were friends but grew somewhat apart. Then Oliver found himself in a relationship with Dot Monroe. They announced they were getting married, but into the relationship, Oliver found out that he didn't want to be married to Dot anymore. Dot, though she seemed to agree, wanted to figure out how they could break up without making her look bad. She kept dragging out the end date and finally, Oliver has had enough. He decides to pursue a relationship with Wren, but Dot isn't going to give up easily.

This was a quick read with a little spice and a lot of angst. The characters are well developed, even though I wanted to punch Dot A LOT!

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