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All Scot and Bothered is the second book in the stunning Devil You Know series by USA Today bestselling author Kerrigan Byrne!

They are a dangerous duke, a fierce lord, and an infamous earl—dark, bold, brave men who know exactly what they want. And there is only one woman who can bring them to their knees...

He is first and foremost—at everything. A man who’s made his own way through ruthless cunning and sheer force of will. A strong and imposing Scot who can turn on the charm but does not suffer fools. His title: Lord Chief Justice of the High Court. His name: Cassius Gerard Ramsay. His mission: To investigate the goings-on at London's most notorious gaming hell, owned and operated by one of the most intriguing and desirable women he’s ever met.


Cecelia Teague was an orphan facing a rather dire future—until a secret benefactor from her mother’s scandalous past swept into her life. Sent to a prestigious boarding school and later to university, Cecelia believed high society was at her fingertips...Then, from out of nowhere, she became the inheritor of a gambling establishment. Now Cecelia must live two lives: one as a proper lady who finds herself undeniably drawn to Lord Ramsay and the other as a savvy gaming hell owner trying to save her business from the very same man. He has no idea she is both women...and Cecelia would like to keep it that way. But what happens when consuming passion and escalating danger threaten to reveal the truth?

"With the Devil You Know series, Byrne once again delivers the beautifully nuanced characters and seductive storytelling her readers have come to expect."—Booklist

September 29
St. Martin's Publishing Group

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oo4chelle ,

It was good

This was not the story I was expecting, but it was good nonetheless. No spoilers.

Jnelle87 ,

Worth the wait

What an intriguing, amazing book. It was great to read Ramsay’s story. Can’t wait for the third novel.

CelticBarb ,

All Scot and Bothered

Book: All Scot and Bothered

Series: Devil You Know, Book #2

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook (of)
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Heat Rating: Hot and steamy🔥

Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars and Kilts

“Jesus kilt-lifting Christ.
It’s ye.” - Cassius Gerard Ramsay

1891 Devonshire England

Cecelia Teague started out in life with a deceased mother,who supposedly had an sordid past. Now her young daughter was paying for her dead mother’s so called past sins. Her innocent daughter was being horribly abused by this religious-zealot! Cecelia was paying for her mother’s so-called past sins by this corrupt pastor. He feels he needs to save her soul in the most invasive and abusive ways possible. This abusive pastor is claiming falsely to be Cecelia’s father too which is a huge lie. He punishes her, even when the boy bullies at school were abusing and tormenting Cecelia. This was no fault of her own, just more discrimination against women by this twisted Pastor claiming she was using her female feminine wiles when it was not even her fault. He wouldn’t buy her new garments as she outgrew them, degrading Cecelia by calling her fat and would continue to starve her. She was not allowed to ever eat any kind of dessert like cake. He was both mentally and physically abusing her, locking her in a dark and dirty room, starving her, not bathing, forcing her to wear garments
that no longer fit. People treated animals better then he treat this child!

She ended up being rescued by a wealthy and mysterious benefactor. This benefactor sent her to the best boarding schools and universities. This is where she eventually meets Alexandra and Francesca her two best girl friends. All three of them have ginger hair this is why the red rogues was created. Cecelia becomes a beauty that is a true bluestocking with a head for numbers. She does not discover who her benefactor is until a tragedy happens and she inherits her benefactor’s gambling establishment and Henrietta’s School for Cultured Young Ladies. It is a school for immigrant women of all ages to learn a trade so they do not end up in the workhouse or on their back. No men from the gambling establishment are permitted on the same floor as Henrietta’s School for girls. She also inherited young child who is like a little sister in everything but blood. On top of that she needs to be protected by an abusive father. Those were the only words Cecelia had to hear to seal the deal!

Cassius Gerard Ramsay, Chief Justice of the High Court. Has a very low opinion of women due to his abusive mother who ruined men as hobbie. He also felt it was because weak people gave in to their base desires. He has not slept with a woman, drank wine or eaten a piece of chocolate in seven years. He was fine with his lot in life until he met Cecelia Teague, a woman who was making him break all his vows to himself and arouse’s him like no other.

Unfortunately it is Ramsay, as the Lord Chief Justice of the High Court, who is assigned to check out this gaming hell operated by a new owner known as the Scarlet Lady. In reality it’s Cecelia, the woman he desires most in this world. She is in a disguise where he does not recognize her, wearing, wig, spectacles removed, heavy make up and a veil over her face . He believes through this gambling hell and the new owner, the scarlet lady, is responsible for missing girls and running a human trafficking operation that prey on young, teenage, immigrant, girls and are being abducted off the streets. They are are being sold and forced as sex slaves doing sexual favors for men. It is like Cecelia is two completely different people, one a shy, poor, introverted spinster and the other the sexy, wealthy, owner of this gaming hell that he wants to proving is dirty and corrupt an wants to close down! *

Now he has not figured out that it is the same woman. What will he do when he does? Will he believe he has been betrayed and Cecelia is just another unworthy woman like his mother? Is it the final betrayal? Read and find out!

Kerrigan Byrne again weaves her magic in her in new riveting, awe/inspiring page turning, masterpiece “Devil You Know” series. This is following Alexandra and Pier’s story from ( How to Love a Duke in Ten Days). Again I was holding onto every word Ms. Byrnes wrote with my heart exploding! Sometimes with laughter, shouting, cussing saying the F word, shedding a tear or two, with many sighs and gasps. It is just why I always read her books which is always exhilarating and total fun. She is one author that I know I will love without even reading the excerpt or back cover description. She has a talent for always sweeping me away in these exquisite stories that are absolutely addicting! Plus in this story this couple has a past with so much abuse and how does one rebuild again and trust. It really does a number on my readers heart! Her books will never disappoint that’s for sure. Definitely join Cecelia and Ramsay on this emotional heartstring pulling journey. Yes Ramsay is a swoon worthy hero at times you want to slap but at the same time kiss him passionately too. The smart sassy heroine you can’t help but love. Pretty perfect in my estimation but that’s me! The TV main characters and secondary characters like Phoebe you can’t help but love.

i just loved this book from start to finish and everything in between. You can of course read as a stand alone book. However if two Kerrigan Byrne books are available to read-then you are crazy not to read them in my estimation! Well that’s just me.😍

I received an advance readers copy from the publisher. I voluntarily agreed to do a fair review and blog through netgalley. All thoughts, ideas and words are my own.


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