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Winner of the 2018 TGC Book Award for Christian Living

“And God saw that it was good…”

Look out over the world today, it seems a far cry from God’s original declaration. Pain, conflict, and uncertainty dominate the headlines. Our daily lives are noisy and chaotic—filled with too much information and too little wisdom. No wonder we often find it easier to retreat into safe spaces, hunker down in likeminded tribes, and just do our best to survive life.

But what if God wants you to do more than simply survive? What if he wants you to thrive in this world, and be part of its redemption? What if you could rediscover the beauty and goodness God established in the beginning?

By learning the lost art of discernment, you can. Discernment is more than simply avoiding bad things; discernment actually frees you to navigate the world with confidence and joy by teaching you how to recognize and choose good things. When you learn discernment and develop a taste for all that’s good, you will encounter God in remarkable new ways. Come, discover the God who not only made all things, but who will also make all things good once again.

Religion & Spirituality
October 2
Moody Publishers
Moody Bible Institute

Customer Reviews

Adrianna Eatinger ,

Very timely and hardwired with the Gospel message.

“All That’s Good: Recovering the Lost Art of Discernment” by Hannah Anderson is written from the perspective that acquiring the wisdom and mindset to be able to judge what is good and true can be done by better understanding who God is through His word (the gospel message) and how He sees all of creation. That this then renews our mind and transforms our lives allowing us to see what is truly good. She starts by defining discernment as the wisdom to see the goodness of God in our world. “Discernment simply means developing a taste for what’s good. It’s developing an instinct for quality, a refined sensibility, an eye for value—to know the difference between what’s good and what’s not in order to partake of the good.”
Hannah Anderson writes like she’s having a conversation with you around her kitchen table. You can just imagine her serving pie while at the same time serving up sound doctrine. Her writing is hardwired with the gospel message even when she is using her very charming illustrations of God’s goodness in this world as it applies to her real life. She is not too lofty but at the same time she hits you with biblical truth that makes you want to know God better having given you a taste of what His plan is not only for your life but His ultimate redemptive plan for the world.

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