All The Beautiful Things

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Publisher Description

She'd been betrayed too many times to hand over her trust.
I'd lost too many people to love too easily.

Together, we were a mess. A constant struggle for peace. Yet it was in each other we found everything we were looking for.

Until tragedy struck and I feared the worst. 
Pushing her away would have been the best. Kept us safe and unshaken.

But it was too late. My little fighter had determined what she wanted, and she was willing to go down swinging to finally earn her happily ever after. 

It was her determination that kept us together, even through the worst of it.
If we finally made it to the other side, all the ugly things we'd survived could lead to something beautiful.

Fiction & Literature
May 11
Stacey Lynn
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

fishgirl53 ,

Great story, but …

I enjoyed the story, but I resent being held hostage to finish it. You need to read BOTH books to get the whole story - a “duet,” they say. A duet is 2 …. Two stories, not half a story in each book.
Guess it’s never to late to learn a new trick.

Angryguest ,


Saved my review for after reading this one but the review is for the book as a whole.. also the link in book 1 did not bring me here. I had to search the book myself to find it…

I gave a 3 because it is a sweet story. Loved the characters. But I had some woes. 1. The grammar/editing/spelling. There were times it was frustrating because of the small simple mistakes. These mistakes didn’t hinder my understand though. But then 2. The contradictions. Things like Lilly knowing Harper’s name though she didn’t introduce herself by name. Lilly admitting to taking a bath for a week in the new apartment book 1 then book 2 she hadn’t taken one since 18. There were a couple other instances that made things a little difficult to enjoy. 3. There wasn’t much passion/steam. There were times when it was right there then the moment would get glossed over and moved along. 4. Maybe I’m a drama Queen but there were moments I really wanted to see play out that didn’t: Nina and her father. Manny. Lilly’s family. However, There were also a lot of good moments that did. 5. There were some cheesy moments that I cringed on a little. And 6. I didn’t get the sense of closure the author was going for. By the end, I wanted to see Lilly’s parents having to look her in the eye. And I kind of wanted them to see that she was more than worthy to so many wonderful people. Even if they didn’t care, I wanted Lilly to have the chance to say all the things she wrote in that letter and I was somewhat disappointed that after having these feelings for two books (months long-years according to her timeline) that she was just okay with a phone call and being shunned by the woman she called weak so many times. That being said, Lilly progressed nicely, which I enjoyed. Loved Hudson’s patience. I was just hoping for more entertainment. I will say I disagree with the comments by people stating they would never read this author again. I’ve read plenty of other books by this author and enjoyed them all tremendously. This one was just a no for me. But I’d encourage others that don’t like this book to find others by her.

B-ball dad ,


I hate 2 book stories. I’m a 1 and done girl. I almost didn’t read this one because of that. It definitely could have been put on 1 book. I am glad I read this one though. Lots of emotions and tears were worked through are shed.

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