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Publisher Description

As Publisher and main photographer of Von Gutenberg magazine I endeavor to present the stunning pictures we’ve always been known for, but words are indeed important to us. Fiction, columns, text accompanying our extensive photo-essays , reviews, how-to pieces as well as our model interviews, I view these all as an integral part of the magazine and our website. Collected here, in our first ever eBook, are some of what I feel are these very best words from issues 1-7 of the magazine, along with pieces written exclusively for this book; fiction M. Christian, Tom Kennedy and our editor-in-chief Ralph Greco, Jr. plus a column by Loren Manheimer.

We attempt to solidify each issue of Von Gutenberg Magazine with an underlying theme. Reading the pieces here you might sense those themes emerging (Steampunk, Fetish, Comics were just a few we presented) but more over I think you’ll realize the overall Von Gutenberg aesthetic coming through, one in which we explore freedom of expression throughout the global sphere, and hope our readers have a good time doing so with us while we do.

If you haven’t ever rifled through a copy of our magazine in print or online, if you are coming to these pieces once again or if now you can truly give them the attention they deserve standing alone without our stunning models to distract you, I hope you will be entertained. I have always prided myself in working hard to present the very best of Fashion, Fantasy and Lifestyle with Von Gutenberg and I hope you will feel we have done so with ALL THE WORD’S A RAGE.

Fiction & Literature
June 13
Von Gutenberg Media
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