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Grant slammed Lacey back on the bed whipping her scarf off and quickly tying her to the bedposts so that her hands were immobilized for the time being. She was shocked at the turn of events and was enthusiastic that they were going to tie her up. Frank and Tyler took their belts and tied each of her ankles to the foot of the bed. They started squeezing her nipples as Grant got ready to stick his cock inside of her. They attached nipple clamps on her and pulled them tight. She was wild with desire and pain and ready for love. She squirmed in anticipation of what was to follow and couldn’t wait to feel a cock inside her c**t and one in her mouth. She was writhing in excitement as she anticipated what was to follow, but she could barely move her body since she was tied up so snug.

“Hey Lacey, not such a control freak now are you sweetie?” taunted Grant as he removed his shirt, pants and shoes and casually threw them on the floor.

He leaned over her face sticking his stiff cock in her face, slapping her cheeks and rubbing it against her throat, ears and chest except it only excited her more. Frank and Tyler removed their clothing also as they considered the hot bitch lying before them with nipple clamps on and tied up in her restraints. God she was hot! Her firm, enormous t**s were heaving in anticipation as she began to beg.

Fiction & Literature
June 3
Lucia Perverse
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